Advisory Board

Nicklas Bergman, MSc, MBA

Nicklas Bergman, MSc, MBA is CEO and Owner at Quid Tu Vides, CEO and Owner at Intergalactic Industries, Advisor at TechCast Technology Think Tank, Board member at Nirab Parts, and Advisory Board Member at SwedNanotech.
Nicklas has more than 20 years experience as an entrepreneur, tech-investor, and futurist focusing mostly on investments and business development in web services, nanotechnology, computing, new materials and new media art, currently through roughly 25 direct and indirect investments. He is also an advisor to the TechCast Technology Think Tank in Washington DC, and here he is trying to understand where we are heading, and if society will be able to handle the upcoming technology revolution.
As part of an emerging research project at Lund University in Sweden, Nicklas is focusing on humankind’s relationship to technology and technological development, and more specifically on the business implications of multi-disciplinary and transformative emerging technologies in the coming 5 to 50 years. In this capacity he also serves as a keynote speaker at conferences and corporate events.
Nicklas earned his MSc in Strategy and marketing at Handelshögskolan i Göteborg in 1997. He earned his MBA in Business Development at Stockholm School of Economics in 2001.
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