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Paul Hughes, MA, LMFT, AVP

The article Sans Ceiling Hypothesis said

When you think of an omniverse that has no beginning, then we are talking about something that is temporally at least infinite in duration, something ultimately beyond time itself, where concepts of a beginning and an end have no meaning. I think what this also means is that any one set of properties/laws we experience are also ultimately entirely arbitrary. If they are not then we must ask ourselves what meta-laws are behind it governing what types of laws are allowed and which are not? And then we have to ask ourselves where did these metalaws come from? And then meta-meta-laws and so on to infinity. And, not surprisingly, it doesn’t go anywhere. No matter how you try to explain the origin of any laws, none of the theories can account for the cause of those laws. From this, I concluded there can be no fundamental laws.
So if there are no fundamental laws, no limits, then everything is possible. If not, why not? And we are right back to an arbitrary set of laws with no explanation.
From this I have hypothesized what I call the Sans-Ceiling Hypothesis, that there are no upper limits to what sufficiently advanced intelligent life can do (as opposed to the view that there are fundamental limits set by physical law). It only makes sense. Given sufficient time and intelligence ALL problems are solvable, and that includes any pesky obstacles or limits we might encounter. It’s only an hypothesis of course, but my guess is that if our wonderful little 3-lbs pieces of gray matter can invent quantum physics and take us to the moon, just imagine what future intelligence can do with billions of times greater capacity and billions of years to play with it.

Paul Hughes, MA, LMFT, AVP was the author of this article and is the leading Vivation Professional in North America, and is the teacher’s teacher in the Vivation community. He has trained Vivation Professionals throughout the world, and is the primary instructor for training new Vivation Professionals today. He has been practicing and teaching yoga, meditation, and Vivation for over 20 years.
Paul delves into the history and evolution of human culture, consciousness, and our understanding of our place in the cosmos. How did we get here? Where are we going? What is the nature of self, of god, of consciousness? Are we alone in the universe? Are there other universes? Does it go on forever? Is there life after death? How can we fix the current mess we got ourselves into? How can we survive our own adolescence? How can we achieve immortality?
He authored Capital, Power, and Ecology: Reasons for Optimism, Exotic Civilizations: A Possible Answer To Fermi’s Paradox, Pleasure Domes Decree, Life, Universe, and Everything, Reality 3.0: Hypermediation & Paradise Engineering, Singularity Exo-Paleontology, and Super Free Will: Metaprogramming & The Quantum Self.
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