Advisory Board

Dr. Peter C. K. Vesborg

Peter C. K. Vesborg, Ph.D. is Founder at SunTube and Assistant Professor at Technical University of Denmark (DTU).
SunTube™ is a disruptive new kind of solar module technology enabling mechanized deployment of solar modules eliminating manual labor.
The main focus of his research group is the development of novel nano engineered materials systems for harvesting solar energy in the form of chemicals such as hydrogen.
Peter’s emphasis is on semiconducting thin-films that harvest solar photons and the co-catalysts which facilitate the reactions. Candidate semiconductors include sulfides, nitrides, and oxy-nitrides of transition metals.
His work is also ongoing to test promising photocatalytic materials in microreactors for both uphill and downhill reactions. The microreactor approach allows fast and easy detection of reaction products giving mechanistic and kinetic information. His research is conducted with the serious resource limitations imposed by the terawatt-scale of the energy problem in mind.
Peter coauthored Bioinspired molecular co-catalysts bonded to a silicon photocathode for solar hydrogen evolution, Note: Anodic bonding with cooling of heat-sensitive areas, Dynamics of Surface Exchange Reactions Between Au and Pt for HER and HOR, Addressing the terawatt challenge: scalability in the supply of chemical elements for renewable energy, Note: Simple means for selective removal of the 365 nm line from the Hg spectrum using Dy, Using TiO2 as a Conductive Protective Layer for Photocathodic H-2 Evolution, and Effect of Film Morphology and Thickness on Charge Transport in Ta3N5/Ta Photoanodes for Solar Water Splitting.
Peter earned his Master of Science in Engineering and Applied Physics at Technical University of Denmark (DTU) in 2006. He earned his Ph.D in Photocatalysis at Technical University of Denmark (DTU) in 2010.
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