Advisory Board

Tihamer “Tee” Toth-Fejel, MS

Tihamer “Tee” Toth-Fejel, MS is Senior Research Engineer at General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems, where he investigates nanotechnology applications for aerospace and other areas.
Tee is Chair of the Steering Committee of the Nanomanufacturing Technical Group of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers and is on the Advisory Board of The Nanoethics Group. He is a Senior Associate of the Foresight Institute, where he has been a member since 1987. He was Secretary of the Molecular Manufacturing Shortcut Group, a special interest chapter of the National Space Society.
He earned his Masters Degree from the University of Notre Dame, in the Department of Electrical Engineering. His master’s thesis was on “Self-Test: From Simple Circuits to Self-Replicating Automata” and resulted in his first article on Transhumanist themes: Angels of Steel. His 1996 LEGOs to the Stars: Kinetic Cellular Automata, and Parallel Nanomachines for Space Applications anticipated much of the subsequent work in modular robotics, and led to his being PI for the NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts’ project A Kinematic Cellular Automata Approach to Self-Replicating Systems and co-PI with Chris Phoenix for Large-Product General-Purpose Design and Manufacturing Using Nanoscale Modules.
Tee authored Non-Evolvable Indirectly Replicating Nanorobots with Self-Assembling Parts, Molecular Manufacturing and The High Frontier, Agents, assemblers, and ANTS: scheduling assembly with market and biological software mechanisms, Nanoelectronics: Early Results from the Top-Down Approach, and Machine Intelligence in Space, and coauthored Dr. Factory™ and Cause-MIC: A Manufacturing Consultant Assistant and its Modular Bayesian Belief Network Development and Execution Environment and Temporal and Contextual Knowledge in Model-Based Expert Systems. Read his full list of publications!
Tee is former wrestling coach at Lehigh University, University of Notre Dame, San Jose State University, and Stanford. Former Girl Scout leader and Sunday School teacher. Future Ph.D. in Philosophy (come the nanotech revolution).