Annual Campaign:
any organized effort by a nonprofit to secure gifts on an annual basis.
Building Renovation:
grants for constructing, renovations, remodeling or rehabilitating property.
Capital Campaign:
a campaign to raise funds for a variety of long term purposes such as building construction or acquisition, endowments, land acquisition, etc.
includes workshops.
Curriculum Development:
awards to schools, colleges, universities and educational support organizations to develop general or discipline-specific curricular.
Debt Reduction:
a grant to reduce a recipient organization’s indebtedness.
Emergency Funds:
a one-time grant to cover the immediate short-term funding needs of a recipient organization on an emergency basis.
Endowment Funds:
a bequest or gift intended to be kept permanently and invested to provide income for continued support of an organization.
grants to purchase equipment, furnishings or other material.
awards to institutions such as museums, libraries or historical societies specifically to mount an exhibit or to support the installation of a touring event.
Faculty/Staff Development:
a grant to enable an organization to hire additional personnel.
Film/Video/Radio Production:
a grant to fund a specific film, video, or radio production.
General/Operating Support:
grants for the day-to-day operating costs of an existing program or organization or to further the general purpose or work of an organization.
a grant to fund the publication of printed or online materials.
grants to educational institutions to endow a professorship or chair.
Program Development:
grants to support specific projects or programs as opposed to general purpose grants.
Seed Money:
a one-time grant to help cover the launch costs of a specific project or program.