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Alexis Lewis

Alexis Lewis is an award-winning inventor, innovator, nationally recognized speaker, 3D and graphics designer, and artist. She is a curious person, a problem-solver, and uses her inventiveness to find solutions.

She is the Inventor at Lewis Inventions, with one patent, one pending, and several in queue to be filed.

Among her inventions are two life-saving devices: the Rescue Travois and the Emergency Mask Pod. The Rescue Travois is a simple, inexpensive device for medical and refugee transport in rural Africa. The Emergency Mask Pod is a system for delivering smoke masks to people trapped on the second stories of burning buildings.

Watch Bamboo Travois is easy to use and Get Inspired! Chase, age 14, Patent Winner. Watch Paradigm Challenge Submission — Emergency Mask Pod.

Alexis is best known for her advocacy for invention education and her humanitarian inventions. She is an Advocate for Inventing 101 classes in middle schools across America, and firmly believes everyone can invent.

Her inventions and innovations cover numerous fields, including mechanical engineering, technical software features, aerospace engineering, plasma physics, algorithms for 3D modelling, hypersonic fluid dynamics in the context of shaped charges, and a unique crowdsourced open innovation platform.

Alexis has deep interests in novel computing techniques, higher mathematics, neuroscience, high specific impulse space propulsion, and the prediction of and systemic optimization of future technologies.

Alexis is also a Freelance Game Asset Artist, where she is designing and rendering game-ready mod elements using a range of software, including Blender, Unity 3D, Rhino 3D, Civilization V Mod Buddy, Nexus Buddy 2, Photoshop, and Gimp.

Watch a Ring Habitat Station Deployment render. It uses a combination of inflation, docking and telescoping parts to fit a 100m radius ring, providing artificial gravity, into a 10m payload fairing.

Alexis was homeschooled, which provided her with an opportunity to create and invent. In 2012, she purchased a MakerBot Replicator 2 with her science fair winnings. Her 3D creations include inventions (Emergency Mask Pod), art (mostly architectural designs), and Estes-like model rockets with greater aerodynamic and mass/delta-V efficiency which were inspired by many hours with the Kerbal Space Program.

In 2018, Alexis developed the YouSolve Concept, a unique global crowdsourced problem-solving platform, expanding and optimizing the concept of open innovation challenges. She presented the concept at the 2018 Social Innovation Summit in Silicon Valley: It Can’t Wait: Democratizing Innovation & Invention.

Since 2012, Alexis has been an Advocate for K-12 Invention Education and has been spreading her message and inventions by being featured in a mini-documentary in Smithsonian Magazine and in The STEM10, a mini-docuseries produced by CA Technologies and New Form Media. She has spoken at The White House in 2014, SXSW EDU, National Maker Faire, the Smithsonian Museum, TEDxUNC, the Social Innovation Summit, as well as at local schools, science fairs, and summer camps.

“Inventing is not reserved for geniuses like Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell. Our society has given people the misimpression that only geniuses are inventors. Inventing is just a form of problem-solving that results in a physical solution. We need to teach children that inventing is only human and that they have what it takes now, while they are young, and throughout the rest of their lives, to solve real-world problems.”

When Alexis was 12 years old, she heard about the Discovery/3M Young Scientist Challenge. Mostly middle school inventors were signed up and that convinced her that everyone could invent, including kids.

Then, when Alexis was 13 years old, she learned about the ePals-Smithsonian Spark!Lab Invent It Challenge, which is open to students 5–18 years old from all over the world. She was impressed with the inventions of even the youngest group. For example, a nine-year-old made a “sand sleeve” to help steady the shaking hand of her grandfather.

Alexis was awarded and recognized in the following challenges and awards:

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