Advisory Board

Ivor Diosi, MSc

Ivor Diosi, MSc is Owner of Æterna LLC, Creator of the Augmented Digital City, Creator of the QUALIA Project, and Director of Art/Science at SCART. Science>Creativity>Art>Research>Technology Prague is a cultural and creative business organization.
Ivor is focused on designing and building compelling, groundbreaking, and artistic digital immersive experiences, with interaction, virtual reality, augmented reality, realtime data visualization, gaming and gamification elements, stereoscopy, virtual actors, and computer vision.
He has delivered and exhibited works in New York, Toronto, London, Madrid, Paris, Basel, Geneva, Berlin, Prague, Milano, Genoa, Wien, Budapest, Ljubljana, Sofia, Split, Athens, Istanbul, Buenos Aires, Singapore, Quezon City/Manila, Beijing, and Tokyo.
Ivor earned his MSc in Finance / Information Technology at Comenius University Bratislava in 1996.
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