Jun 13, 2011

Dear Dr. Hawking

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Dear Dr. Hawking:

Excuse the public letter.

Europe does not object that it is betting the planet on the existence of Hawking radiation.

Hawking radiation got disproved implicitly by Kuypers in 2005 and explicitly in my “gothic-R theorem” of 2007 and my “Telemach theorem” of 2010. The pertinent paper which is on www.russian.lifeboat.com goes un-rejected for months by the Albert-Einstein Institute to which it was submitted.

The impression is building up on the planet that CERN – that is, the European Nuclear Research Organization – is continuing its dangerous experiment only because they have passed a point of no return. Note that if CERN at last allowed for the scientific safety conference called for 3 years ago and officially requested by a court 5 months ago, CERN would implicitly concede having consciously risked the planet for many months in a row. Hence CERN is in a trap: No matter how high the risk, they feel they have to go on because otherwise the act of their having gone as far as they did would become known to every individual on the planet so that both science and Europe might end up being excluded from the still to be hoped for planetary future.

Please, dear Dr. Hawking: be so kind as to help CERN out of its “double bind” in the sense of Gregory Bateson. The planet justly admires you. If you declare that you take the sole responsibility on your shoulders for having made the mistake of refusing to discuss Hawking radiation with a concerned colleague, the world public will forgive CERN.

Even better: If you talk to me there is a remaining chance that we jointly find the flaw in my disproof of Hawking radiation which eluded everyone else so far. In that case the black-hole danger will be over. The world is waiting for your answer.

In deep respect,

Sincerely yours,

Otto E. Rossler, University of Tubingen (For J.O.R.)


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  1. This has nothing to do with existential risk, which is more important than Hawking radiation.

  2. Dear Dr. Anissimov:
    Thank you for asking.
    The LHC experiment was designed to if possible generate mini-black holes which were expected to evaporate immediately. If they don’t, as I could show is the case, the ballpark is totally altered and needs to be re-evaluated — right?

  3. Richard Kane says:

    Dear Dr. Rossler:

    I want to appologize for my self and your other friends in not informing you so to speak that you forgot to pull up your pants zipper.

    Those who want to make money with CERN are greatful for your mistake.

    You stopped answering your emails and my praise of you on this blog has suddenly been bleaped.

    Otto, please try to realize your constant letters to a hero of yours Dr. Hawking keeps getting closer and closer to a fan harrassing a movie star.

    Refusing to post this criticism would be a cruel act on the part of the Lifeboat Foundation.

    We all live of feedback I hope it is not to late to inform you of this.

  4. Richard Kane says:

    Now that I succeeded in getting my comments restored with the above statement I feel guilty and wish this one comment could be removed, instead I want to write the following..

    Otto your constant public comments to Hawkins is like begging a friend for his liver so you can live, except you are begging for everyone to live.

    Hawkins life is at this point his work, for him to throw part of it away would be similar to giving up his liver.

    Otto, it’s clear that the facts you constantly present in your frequent claiming that the world will end on the very next step clearly point to the possibility that the world is already destroyed or else won’t be until a lot more power is created.. Anyway, instead of acting like a fan harassing his favorite movie star give Hawkins a rest and beg at the rest of the world instead.

    It is clear that if the world survives we will learn a lot more caution. I suspect if we survive, Otto Rossler will be an important name in I can’t say history books, so I say history picture files. So will Edward Teller’s speculated that the atomic bomb might ignite the atmosphere and Enrico Fermi’s speculated the same thing about the hydrogen bomb,



    We know it that Edward Teller made no attempt to stop the project despite his worries, whether Enrico Fermi’ did, no one has yet managed to uncover. We all know that in a crash that certain debree will fly off at the speed of light. Can black holes travel at less than the speed of light could be a life or death question but even if they can’t history picture records will be gratefully that there was a lot more dissent on strike three, as human kind heads for strike four