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Nov 12, 2018

Quantum leap for mass as science redefines the kilogramme

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Sealed in a vault beneath a duke’s former pleasure palace among the sycamore-streaked forests west of Paris sits an object the size of an apple that determines the weight of the world.

Forged against a backdrop of scientific and political upheaval following the French Revolution, a single, small cylinder of platinum-iridium alloy has laid largely undisturbed for nearly 130 years as the world’s benchmark for what, precisely, is a kilogramme.

The international prototype of the kilogramme, or “Le Grand K” as it is tenderly known, is one of science’s most hallowed relics, an analogue against which all other weights are compared and a totem of the metric system that accompanied the epoch of liberty, equality and fraternity.

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Nov 8, 2018

How science fared in the midterm elections

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This year, more candidates with degrees in science, medicine and engineering ran for Congress than ever before. Of the nearly two-dozen new candidates in this crop, at least seven won seats in the House of Representatives.

This year, scientists, doctors and engineers ran for office like never before. Here’s how they did.

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Nov 4, 2018

Science at 17,500 Miles Per Hour

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The International Space Station is your orbiting laboratory, and the science being conducted there will help us push farther into deep space, while providing benefits back on Earth. Microgravity unlocks new worlds of discovery. Dive into what we’re learning: 🔬🚀.

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Nov 4, 2018

“Alien Invasion” −99% of the Microbes Inside the Human Body are Unknown to Science

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“There was something else, too – something weirder. Of all the non-human DNA fragments the team gathered, 99 percent of them failed to match anything in existing genetic databases the researchers examined. We found a whole new class of human-infecting ones that are closer to the animal class than to the previously known human ones, so quite divergent on the evolutionary scale.”

A landmark Stanford 2017 study indicates that more than 99 percent of the microbes inside us are unknown to science. The survey of DNA fragments circulating in the blood suggests the microbes living within us are vastly more diverse than previously known. In fact, 99 percent of that DNA has never been seen before.

A new survey of DNA fragments circulating in human blood suggests our bodies contain vastly more diverse microbes than anyone previously understood. What’s more, the overwhelming majority of those microbes have never been seen before, let alone classified and named, Stanford researchers reported in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

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Nov 4, 2018

The Science of Aging

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Isaac does good work. This is no exception.

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Nov 2, 2018

The explosive science behind fireworks

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Jump to media player The surprisingly simple science behind the clever chemistry that helps your night go off with a bang.

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Nov 1, 2018

Bioquark Inc. — Eat This, Not That! — Ira Pastor

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Eat This, Not That! –Bioquark Inc.


Oct 27, 2018

Is Anti-Gravity Real? Science Is About To Find Out

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If antimatter falls up instead of down, countless sci-fi dreams will become scientific reality.

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Oct 26, 2018

The Best 3 Plants for Keeping Your Brain Young, According to Science

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They pack a powerful health wallop, but they’re tasty, too.

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Oct 25, 2018

The Science Leading Up to an Ultima Thule New Years Flyby

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Scientists are already collecting data in anticipation of the Ultima Thule New Years flyby.

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