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Mar 15, 2019

Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof Photo

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Bitnation is growing up.

🔥 🔥 🔥 NEW RELEASE: #BITNATION JURISDICTION v. 1.4.0 for Android and iOS 🤩 🥳 🥰

The 1.4.0 release has been a crazy road! After the 1.3.4 release, we thought “this app somehow does not say: ”I’m a virtual nation” or ”I’m a blockchain jurisdiction”, but rather we thought it looked more like a confused web3 app which didn’t really know its purpose.

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Mar 14, 2019

Enjin Plans to Mobilize 20 Million Gamers to Fight Aging

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A collaboration between online technology company Enjin and the SENS Research Foundation has just been announced with the bold plan to mobilize a community of 20 million video gamers to help fight aging.

Enjin is a cryptocurrency and online video game company with a plan to change how donors and charities interact in a bid to make fundraising for globally important causes more effective.

This collaboration with SENS Research Foundation is the first program on the road to this goal. The project is essentially gamifying the fundraising experience to make it more fun and engaging for donors. To achieve this, donors get rewards for their donations in the form of blockchain-based collectibles known as “non-fungible tokens” (NFTs).

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Mar 12, 2019

Enjin Mobilizes 20 Million Gamers & Blockchain to Help Humans Live Longer

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Enjin, an information technology company focused on online gaming and the cryptocurrency sector, has been at the forefront of blockchain innovation for over a decade. Unlike the vast majority of decentralized projects that have no real products and struggle for adoption, Enjin boasts an ever-growing portfolio of products, including: Enjin Network, Enjin Wallet, EnjinX, Efinity and Enjin Coin (ENJ), and a thriving global community of over 20 million registered gamers. By leveraging its leading-edge technology and active ecosystem, Enjin is positioning itself to revolutionize how donors interact with the charities and social impact organisations they care about most.

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20190311005265/en/

Some of the unique collectible NFTs designed by Enjin for the SRF donations pilot

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Mar 6, 2019

In the Future, Blockchain Robots Could Deliver Pizza and Perform Surgery

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Intel is creating blockchain-controlled robots with other members of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance.

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Mar 5, 2019

Coinbase Preventing Account Closures as #DeleteCoinbase Movement Spreads

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Multiple users are reporting on social media that they are currently unable to delete their Coinbase accounts. This news comes as some cryptocurrency enthusiasts continue to clamor for a boycott of the exchange giant over its recent acquisition of Neutrino.

Amid the clamor for a boycott on Coinbase, some users are saying that the company is preventing them from closing down their accounts. Respondents say they followed the fairly easy account closing procedure only to be met with error messages.

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Feb 26, 2019

The Bullish Case for Bitcoin

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With the price of a bitcoin surging to new highs in 2017, the bullish case for investors might seem so obvious it does not need stating. Alternatively it may seem foolish to invest in a digital asset that isn’t backed by any commodity or government and whose price rise has prompted some to compare it to the tulip mania or the dot-com bubble. Neither is true; the bullish case for Bitcoin is compelling but far from obvious. There are significant risks to investing in Bitcoin, but, as I will argue, there is still an immense opportunity.

Never in the history of the world had it been possible to transfer value between distant peoples without relying on a trusted intermediary, such as a bank or government. In 2008 Satoshi Nakamoto, whose identity is still unknown, published a 9 page solution to a long-standing problem of computer science known as the Byzantine General’s Problem. Nakamoto’s solution and the system he built from it — Bitcoin — allowed, for the first time ever, value to be quickly transferred, at great distance, in a completely trustless way. The ramifications of the creation of Bitcoin are so profound for both economics and computer science that Nakamoto should rightly be the first person to qualify for both a Nobel prize in Economics and the Turing award.

For an investor the salient fact of the invention of Bitcoin is the creation of a new scarce digital good — bitcoins. Bitcoins are transferable digital tokens that are created on the Bitcoin network in a process known as “mining”. Bitcoin mining is roughly analogous to gold mining except that production follows a designed, predictable schedule. By design, only 21 million bitcoins will ever be mined and most of these already have been — approximately 16.8 million bitcoins have been mined at the time of writing. Every four years the number of bitcoins produced by mining halves and the production of new bitcoins will end completely by the year 2140.

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Feb 25, 2019

Chinese internet users turn to the blockchain to fight against government censorship

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Thanks to blockchain, internet users have achieved some victories in the fight against China’s strict internet censorship.

A historic moment was made on April 23. Peking University’s former student, Yue Xin, had penned a letter detailing the university’s attempts to hide sexual misconduct. The case involved a student, Gao Yan, who committed suicide in 1998 after a professor sexually assaulted and then harassed her.

The letter was blocked by Chinese social networking websites, but an anonymous user posted it on the Ethereum blockchain.

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Feb 19, 2019

Once hailed as unhackable, blockchains are now getting hacked

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More and more security holes are appearing in cryptocurrency and smart contract platforms, and some are fundamental to the way they were built.

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Feb 18, 2019

You Can Now Send Bitcoin Tips Over Lightning on Twitter

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When “liking” your favorite tweet isn’t enough, you can now send small bitcoin transactions.

Announced Saturday, the beta app Tippin has released a new Chrome Extension available to Google browser users. Over Twitter, app users can send bitcoin payments via the Lightning Network, considered a way to make bitcoin transactions feasible at a large scale for the first time.

With the extension enabled, a little lightning bolt symbol pops up inside every tweet next to the more familiar “like” and “retweet” buttons.

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Feb 10, 2019

There will be no cost to mine a Bitcoin in future

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It looks like we heading type 1 civilizations for Bitcoin not for earth. The blockchain industry is very new for mankind and we have not seen this industry exponential growth yet.

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