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May 18, 2023

AI Is Helping Bring Dead Ancient Languages Back to Life

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Time travelers might want to keep this one handy.

May 2, 2023

Mammalian Tree of Life Redefined: Genomic Time Machine Traces Back 100 Million Years of Evolution

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The research uses the genomes of 241 species.

A species is a group of living organisms that share a set of common characteristics and are able to breed and produce fertile offspring. The concept of a species is important in biology as it is used to classify and organize the diversity of life. There are different ways to define a species, but the most widely accepted one is the biological species concept, which defines a species as a group of organisms that can interbreed and produce viable offspring in nature. This definition is widely used in evolutionary biology and ecology to identify and classify living organisms.

Apr 29, 2023

Time Travel and it’s Possibility

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Time travel has long been a popular theme in movies, but scientists believe that the concept of time teleportation is unlikely in reality. However, they do not dismiss the possibility of time travel altogether. The laws of physics suggest that time travel may be possible, but the details are complex.

Physicists explain that traveling to the near future is relatively simple, as we are all doing it right now at a rate of one second per second. Additionally, Einstein’s special theory of relativity states that the speed at which we move affects the flow of time. In other words, the faster we travel, the slower time passes. Furthermore, Einstein’s general theory of relativity suggests that gravity also impacts the flow of time. The stronger the nearby gravity, the slower time goes.

Apr 29, 2023

Time Perception & Entrainment

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In this episode, I discuss how our brain and body track time and the role that neurochemicals, in particular dopamine and serotonin, but also hormones such as melatonin, allow us to orient ourselves in time. I review the three types of time perception: of the past, of the present, and the future, and how dopamine and serotonin adjust both our perception of the speed of the passage of time and our memory of how long previous experiences lasted. I also discuss circannual entrainment, which is the process by which our brain and body are matched to the seasons, and circadian (24 hours) entrainment, both of which subconsciously adjust our perceived measurement of time. I explain the mechanisms of that subconscious control. And I cover the ultradian (90 minutes) rhythms that govern our ability to focus, including how to track when these 90-minute rhythms begin and end for the sake of work and productivity. I include ten tools based on the science of time perception that you can apply to enhance productivity, creativity, and relationships in various contexts.

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Apr 21, 2023

Star Maker by Olaf Stapledon (William F. Carduff)

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Story of the distant Future.

“Able to journey “out of the body” the time traveller whirls through space and time seeking the Starmaker of the cosmos. He visits many worlds, often during periods of social and political crisis, and finally joins others travellers in developing an unusual mental community.“
Chapter list:
00:00:00 — (i) Book info.
00:04:00 — (00) Preface.
00:10:39 — (01) The Earth.
00:30:35 — (02) Interstellar Travel.
00:55:20 — (03) The Other Earth.
02:05:33 — (04) I Travel Again.
02:26:05 — (05) Worlds Innumerable.
03:18:04 — (06) Intimations of the Star Maker.
03:31:22 — (07) More Worlds.
04:38:07 — (08) Concerning the Explorers.
04:48:59 — (09) The Community of Worlds.
06:14:26 — (10) A Vision of the Galaxy.
06:35:13 — (11) Stars and Vermin.
07:21:35 — (12) A Stunted Cosmical Spirit.
07:27:46 — (13) The Beginning and the End.
08:07:41 — (14) The Myth of Creation.
08:15:30 — (15) The Maker and His Works.
09:01:25 — (16) Epilogue: Back.

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Apr 19, 2023

Is Time Travel Possible In Our Universe?

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Researched and Written by Colin Stuart.
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Apr 18, 2023

I Think Faster Than Light Travel is Possible. Here’s Why

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There are loopholes.

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Apr 14, 2023

Will Quantum Computers Make Time Travel Possible? | Unveiled

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Is time travel FINALLY possible?? Join us… and find out!

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Apr 11, 2023

40 Years Ago, the CIA Tried to Decode Consciousness and Unlock Time Travel

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The goal? To convert the energy of your mind and body into a kind of laser beam that can transcend spacetime.

Apr 9, 2023

Why Physicists Think The Future Changes the Past — Retrocausality Explained

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Retrocausality, a mind-blowing quantum concept, proposes that future events impact the past. Challenging time’s traditional flow and exploring interconnected temporal relationships. Can the universe communicate with its past-self?

0:00 What is Retrocausality?
00:55 The Layers of the Universe.
02:17 The Universe Is Not Real.
04:32 The Role of Quantum Entanglement.
08:02 Does Time Travel Explain the Mysteries of the Universe?

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