Jun 20, 2011

Dear Jerusalem – Wake up!

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I herewith ask the Hebrew University to withdraw the honorary doctorate given yesterday to the German minister of science because this minister is responsible for the worst threat to the survival of Israel.

She refuses the scientific safety conference asked for by a Cologne court, the only aim of which is the assessment of the mentioned danger: just to have a look.

Not looking is the worst human sin. A father who does not look when a lion comes close to his child is no father. Please, dear fellow Jewish people, start taking seriously the scientific proof of danger of the LHC experiment that Dr. Walter Wagner and I have given.

Prof. Otto E. Rossler, chaos researcher, University of Tubingen (For J.O.R.)


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  1. Paul Crowley says:

    Shouldn’t there be some links in this article?

  2. Otto E. Rossler says:

    Thank you, Mr. Crowley; besides my release of May 28 there (which contains my scientific paper titled Telemach), the following two Lifeboat blogs may be the most informative:



  3. Richard Kane says:

    Actually the German Safety Conference is the only direction for hope if Otto Rossler is at all right in his predictions.

    We got a problem. The race to discover the Black Hole is similar to an earlier race to reach Absolute Zero. There was lots of explosions and loss of eyesight until scientists figure out what they were doing.

    The problem today is that the world is now one giant laboratory where a big enough mistake could end us all.

    However sorry Otto, there are many colliders in the works and countries less safely conscious than Switzerland. Therefore earth life is finished if you are right, either something fast like you alone predict or in a few hundred years as less hysterical domesday prophets predict. or perhaps, if black holes are slower than cosmic rays, the sun winking outin a few thousand years or more, from something we will do or have already done.

    Thus the only hope for humankind if you are somewhat right would be a dire warning at the last moment, I wonder what Otto or others can do to make such a warning more likely. Is there anything besides a safety conference to make a warning more possible? How about Otto and others working directly at the CERN site looking for the first indications that something may have started to go wrong? Or would the first signs of trouble already be too late, meaning there is no way to prevent us monkeys from tinkering with the universe we don’t really understand.


  4. Otto E. Rossler says:

    Thank you — yes, unfortuanately the new features of the mini black holes which I could prove they have make them invisible to CERN’s instruments, as no one there denies.

    The tragic is that we do understand the dangers — it just takes the spearheads of the community too long to realize that. If anyone could bring Stephen Hawking to talk to us, everything would be reset on track.

  5. Otto E. Rossler says:

    What do you mean, dear robomoon?

  6. robomoon says:

    The comment by Paul Crowley asked for some links in this article. Yet, some external links added here might bring pages for more thought, like this: pages linked through are showing that the deleting of a post as noted at http://lifeboat.com/blog/2011/05/self-critical-assessment-of…s#comments are not censorship against free speech and democracy. So I noted that deleting posts against defamation must also work against violence. Deleting such posts is necessary sometimes. Regarding the honorary doctorate, I do not know if this has something to do with diplomatic ties between Israel and Germany. But not knowing does not mean believing. A glance at the page pointing to the Press Info about the Security Conference might create a believe, they look like David against Goliath.

  7. Otto E. Rossler says:

    Thank you, robomoon.

    The world must forgive me that my findings that there is a giant risk to the planet led me to think first of Israel. There is this spiritual hope that Israel is the protected nucleus of our planet. So my turning to Israel to take responsibility for the not-happening-again of its existence being threatened, this time along with everyone else’s, is like turning to the last place of a home on the planet.

    I happen to know how it is if your only son is killed at age 7. I cannot accept a casual attitude toward one’s children’s death.

    So please, Israel, forgive me that I turned to you and still try to do so. The fact that the German minister does not take the danger seriously is one thing. The fact that no one in Israel — except my personal friends — takes the danger seriously is my deepest sorrow.

    This court in Germany, under judge Niemeier, does deserve to be taken seriously.

    There must be one person in the political or spiritual leadership of Israel who does believe me that Jacob is the last hope of humankind. As he always was. Please, do wake up. All I ask you is help me dispel the danger. It could happen tomorrow, but someone must declare that he or she is not willing to tolerate the fact any longer that everybody shrugs at an un-disproved giant danger.

    Again: please, forgive me for asking.