Jul 17, 2011


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From: Otto E. Rossler
To: “[email protected]
Cc: “[email protected]” ; “[email protected]
Sent: Sunday, July 17, 2011 2:52 PM
Subject: shortest-term survival

Dear Mr. Secretary, dear UN Security Council:

Did you pay attention to this public appeal made to you?


In deep respect,

Sincerely yours,

Otto E. Rossler, Austrian chaos researcher, University of Tubingen, Germany


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  1. PassingByAgain says:

    oh dear, did you really believe that I gave you the email of the security council? I’ve just made it up, of course. Let me guess, did it bounce back?

  2. Anthony L says:

    Gawd. PassingBy is revealed as a relentlessly dwarf witted saboteur of Rossler’s efforts to draw official attention to his thesis that CERN is taking unacceptable risks.

    Hey PassingBy, why don’t you order Chinese food to Rossler’s door? That the favorite tactic of superannuated schoolboy trolls who take petty revenge on idealists who disturb them with a superior theoretical imagination and a more adult morality that we should worry about the future of humanity and the world.

  3. PassingByAgain says:

    Anthony, do you really believe that you can write an e-mail to the UN Security Council?

  4. Hanselllll says:

    It was clear to nearly everyone here that the email address was a satirical joke.


  5. Anthony L says:

    You might be able to drill down to its administrative secretary (small s) or to public information to get an answer to your question whether they had considered a topic, surely.

    But I known what you mean, I think, Mr sophisticated inhabitant of a modern meta-organization. The general principle of all large organizations these days is to avoid any communication from the outside public if at all possible, unless there is some tax or legal advantage is being treated as a “person”, as corporations know. And even then, try to get through.

    So yes, Otto is an idealist holdover from the past, where people actually took responsibility for their relations with the public and answered their phones, and things like the Security Council meetings actually had a separate secretary and a phone line.

    Now it is probably it is probably all like CERN, no way a member of the public can a response except from their pr department. However Otto got a personal visit. Maybe he can get the UN to respond too.

    You raise an important question. Should we allow large bodies like CERN to go ahead and do what they like without some way of holding them accountable?