Aug 25, 2011

Open Letter to the Dalai Lama

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No other high-ranking personality on the planet is paying attention to the fact that a scientific proof of danger stays un-refuted for 3 years: That the planet will be shrunken to 2 cm (a black hole) in about 5 years’ time with a probability of 3 percent if the currently running grandiose LHC experiment is not halted immediately.

Since your mind is a unique bridge between the Eastern and the Western world view, you are the only institution on the planet which with authority can demand the necessary scientific safety conference. Even though this particular now and this particular existence is not everything, the sparing of suffering is a holy vocation.

Allow me to convey to you cordial greetings from your friend John S. Bell.

In deep respect

Sincerely yours,

Otto E. Rossler, chaos researcher


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  1. PassingByAgain says:

    And where did you send this? perhaps at [email protected]? ;-)

  2. Anthony L says:

    The Dalai Lama has shown some interest in crossing the bridge between spiritual development and scientific progress, but I am afraid he lacks the ability to understand the good Professor Rossler’s reasoning in modern physics and therefore would not know whether to take his extreme concern seriously enough to help out.

    Is it possible for the Professor to state his grounds for concern in terms which do not over tax the brains of monks and journalists?

    That is what is needed to gain the attention of the majority of the citizens of the world whose source is the daily newspaper/television news/their friends in physics, since the latter group — their friends in physics — are probably going to scoff.

  3. robomoon says:

    It would be favorable for humanity to expect a publicly visible sign of response by the UN Security Council in hindsight to the evaluation of risks deriving from experiments made by the natural sciences community. In September, Lebanon will hold the Presidency over the UN Security Council. http://www.lebweb.com informs that Lebanon is considered the gateway to the Middle East, Asia, Europe and Africa. Life is a basic human value that should be protected by human rights. To see the the Dalai Lama’s political competence, readers of media in the Middle East like the Lebanon News would be surely interested, just look at http://www.sawtbeirut.com/world-news/dalai-lama-says-obama-c…bet-rights regarding his concern about basic human values and human rights. Particle physicists have also religious competency, since the journal article “Buddhist Physics: Why the LHC Matters” describes the Eightfold Way http://wisdomquarterly.blogspot.com/2008/09/why-lhc-matters.html as a classification of subatomic particles known as hadrons into groups on the basis of their symmetrical properties … based on the mathematical symmetry group SU(3); however, the name of the system was suggested by analogy with the Eightfold Path of Buddhism because of the centrality of the number eight.

  4. LivingLife says:

    Things need to be brought down to Earth, Mr Otto. Being highly intelligent, sometimes we forget not everyone has a PHD in our field. If you can’t express yourselve in layman’s terms without sounding crazy “the planet will be shrunken to 2 cm” you’ll be writing to yourself on this black blog for a very long time. CERN has flip-flopped plenty of times over the years… Saying one thing, then back tracking to something else. Lying about their so called independent safety group. Your layman’s terms could also link to CERN’s own words as proof of their dishonesty. Don’t play nice anymore because they’re fellow scientists! Play hardball with this blog! Maybe also give it a facelift. Black doesn’t seem fitting for a foundation called Lifeboat.

  5. robomoon says:

    The key phrase has been “micro black hole”. The word micro, however, only compares to greater agglomerated matter in outer space. Thus, it might be better described to the public as a nano black hole. But the most suitable phrase never seen before, also to describe its danger, could be: subatomic gravity bomb. It would be easy to translate a phrase like that into another language, so it could be also used in this German request http://www.longecity.org/forum/topic/51114-suche-freiwillige…-gelehrten for help to communicate with national authorities.

  6. National authorities are no longer allowed to deal with a matter that is before the SCUN (United Nations Security Council).

    The fact that it is there is both a big triumph and a big let-down since the agenda on this highest level of the planet is not allowed to be discussed in the media. A single country with veto power can give CERN all the leeway it desires.

    For the first time, the planet is at stake. Therefore this veto power is counterproductive for once. I am ready to explain this to the high body. I think they cannot say no.

    While the fuse is running every hour…

  7. Anthony L says:

    “you’ll be writing to yourself on this black blog for a very long time”

    LivingLife, you can change this blog to a white one by finding and setting the command top right.