Sep 9, 2011

365 days of astronomy podcast

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My esteemed colleague the Ordinary Guy from the Brains Matter podcast and I recorded a 365 days podcast for 8 September 2011 - talking about saving the world through science education and research, as well considering issues of cheap telescopes and the George Foreman grill.

The 365 days of astronomy podcast is a not-for-profit user driven science communication initiative — in its third year now, but it may be on its last legs. If you have a burning desire to create 10 minutes of audio on a space science-related podcast, this may be your last chance.

And a big woo-hoo to the Lifeboat Foundation for a whopping $250 donation to keep the 365 days podcast going — at least for the rest of 2011.



(Member of the Board and Death-by-LHC skeptic)


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  1. Dear Steve:

    Thank you for outing yourself as a “Death-by-LHC skeptic.”

    Everyone must be. After all, the danger is less than 2 percent at the moment.

    As soon as nothing can be done any more about the matter, at 3 percent in 7 weeks’ time, your attitude will be the only rational one remaining for each of us.

    But why not do something about a danger that presently can still be reduced? Why renounce of helping?

    I count on your friendship,