Sep 10, 2011

Einstein vs. SCUN

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Einstein’s oldest gravitation result shows the planet is being put at acute risk by CERN.

Austria’s clerics currently follow a “call to disobedience” against taking orders from the bishops. In the same vein, the planet’s journalists could follow a “call to disobedience” against taking orders — from whom? From the SCUN, the United Nations Security Council.

If the SCUN commits treason against its constituency by refusing the scientific safety conference — who else but the journalists are the new planetary governing board? Einstein appeals to the remaining friends of humankind: please, report on CERN’s assault.

The assault on earth disappears the very moment Telemach – the new Einstein result – is disproved. So far, no one was strong enough. If the press does not report, how can the hoped-for scientist or pupil to save us all by saving CERN, be found?

Imagine you dreamed you had a formula that could save everyone – and then you awake and it is true. It is almost like dreaming to be a bishop and then awaking and it is true. Strawberry fields forever.


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  1. Hermeling, Klaus says:

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    Parole: Strawberryfields forever
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  2. Thank you, Klaus — also for the Strawberry fields forever which we all owe to you.

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  6. Thank you for telling me that Strawberryfields was an orphanage that young John Lennon had learned to know from the inside.

    Now the world feels for me as when I was in an orphanage in Switzerland at age 6. Does anyone think the first global press curfew of history regarding a news that concerns everyone can be overcome?

    Twitter and Facebook do not exist for the most important message of history: Why?

  7. The Pinky and the Brain says:

    Hi All!

    Listen to this song, a real hymn of philanthropy (better than that roar from those Liverpudlians):

    The Pinky and the Brain