Sep 12, 2011

My Dear Theoretical Physics Colleagues at CERN and Across the Planet

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Please, sacrifice a minute of your precious time to show your chaos colleague at Tubingen where the error lies in his generalization of Einstein’s seminal T-theorem (gravitational clock slow-down), the T-L-M-Ch theorem.

The latter says that besides the gravitational clock slowdown T, there is a proportional gravitational length increase L (invisible from above), a proportional gravitational rest-mass-energy decrease M, and a proportional gravitational charge decrease Ch. ( http://www.wissensnavigator.com/documents/einsteins-equivale…t-l-m-.pdf )

The three corollaries to Einstein’s T radically change the properties of black holes. For example, black holes become undetectable to CERN’s detectors if successfully produced there – for instance, at this very moment.

The world public sees that no single scientist on the planet contradicts me but all scientists support CERN. This is a volatile situation. I think now is the time that the Nobel committee name a defender of CERN’s while the underground cannons in Geneva pause.


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  1. A. Einstein says:

    Dear Mr. Rössler!

    Please stop using my name for your crackpotism. Just take a sedative pill and read the following: http://www.ketweb.de/stellungnahmen/20080730_Stellungnahme_z…essler.pdf

    Thanks a lot, A. Einstein

  2. Otto E. Rossler says:

    I had always hoped to hear from the Albert-Einstein Institute who keep it a secret from the world that their outdated claims were refuted in written and spoken form.

    Telemach has been submitted to their Journal “Einstein-online”: Perhaps the editor is kind enough to make their review public?

  3. Hanselllll says:

    Perhaps you are kind enough to publish the several reviews you got from the scientific community, all of them with the same result that you are proposing pure pseudo-science or nonsense?

  4. Otto E. Rossler says:

    Dear Hansellll — I did so long ago. But it is no use to repeat crap. My early answers showing the critics were wrong were crap, too — compared to Telemach. This is why I wrote Telemach: to maximally facilitate falsification in the sense of Popper.

    If no one can falsify Telemach, black holes are so much different from current beliefs that the experiment must be stopped immediately.

    But thanks for the constructive question.

  5. Hanselllll says:

    You were already disproved several times, last time on this blog. It was shown thnat even the most simple equations in your “theorem” are wrong and your were not able to repair this major errors up to now. Some people are still waiting for YOUR answers.

    If you want to talk about crap, talk about Telemach. This whole piece of junk science is nothing but buzzwordbingo, non-sequitur-reasoning , short: pure nonsens. A good example beside your problems with basic equations is the Ch-nonsense which is completely disproved by nature itself. The basic assumption of a constant ratio between charge and mass is wrong.

    Additionally you have never responded in a proper way to the countless counterproofs of your other theorems, e.g. the RTheorem. The counterproofs published by the KET, Nicolai et al are stillvalid as you have changed nothing in your respective papers.

    BTW, another question is why an expert for hawking radiation like you is not taking part in the public discussion about an experiment which has given hard evidene for the existence of hawking radiation. According to experts like Unruh the experimental setup is applicable for this purppose. What kind of expert are you then, not even knowing the current research in the field? :D

  6. Hanselllll says:

    “But thanks for the constructive question.”

    And as usual you have given no answer. :D Obviously it is time to write a new post comparing CERN-scientists with terrorists, attempted terracides etc. Do not forget to state again that there were NEVER any objections to your revolutionary theorems.

    Do not hesitate, the world is waiting. And the UN security council of course.

  7. Otto E. Rossler says:

    If the definition of what the word “proof” means is adapted to your way of talking, no one can contradict you.

    A consistent picture needs to be replaced by another — better — consistent picture. The whole world is waiting for your or anyone else’s finding or, if you have it, presenting it.

  8. Hanselllll says:

    That your theorem is pure nonsensical bullshit, non-logical, non-scientific — all this was shown several times, at least on this blog.

    There is nothing like a consistent picture in telemach. To give one example, in a consistent pictiure there would have been no need to change the meaning and definition of variables in every second posting.

  9. Otto E. Rossler says:

    It is terrifying to see an expensive racist hate blog quoted above again.

    Why does the “Albert-Einstein Institute” — sister institution to CERN with shared rooms for scientists — not dare say a word since the only learned counterclaims to my results ever came from there a long time ago?

    Since Telemach owes his birth to a counter-argument from the German Albert-Einstein Institute, the world is waiting for their response. There may be a secret response on their part made to the UN Security Council. Is it asking too much if I humbly request an open rebuttal since a secret rebuttal has never been one in science?

    Unless I were a psychiatric case. This public declaration made by the German state 15 years ago it still refuses to take back. This was when Germany had sent police into a university lecture hall for months in a row. In Greece this had been the beginning of democracy more than a decade before. In Germany the media kept silence and the underlying new obedience laws were the foreplay to its destroying its universities. I had to flee the country at the time and was later punished by the state publicly degrading my wife and expelling my family from our inherited house.

    I had thought this story was over. Now it takes the whole planet hostage. But so of course only if Telemach is a viable youth. Otherwise I am just a German dissident like his father.

    Anyone there to fight with young Telemach and his originator?

  10. Peter Howell says:

    @Lifeboat Foundation: Given that 2/3 of this blog entries are now self-promoting and often distasteful comments (i.e. abusing the commemoration of the 9/11 victims) by Roessler, you should know that he is giving your cause a really bad name – not only in the scientific community.

    @Roessler: Yes, you are a psycho. There is not a single physicist on earth, who is taking you serious anymore. And if I remember correctly, the German press was actually reporting about your case – that you and your wife have been nominated as the “laziest teachers in Germany” or something like that.

    Prof. Peter Howell

  11. Hansel says:

    Racist blog?

    E Naschie-watch is a blog fighting for good scientific practice. To name El Naschie a crackpot has nothing to do with racism, it is a fact and nothing else.

    And by the way, if you want to talk about real disgusting things, start with your comments and comparisons of CERN with the terrorists of 9/11.

  12. Hansel says:

    “This was when Germany had sent police into a university lecture hall for months in a row”

    Yes, because you got rough against the lecturer there.

    BTW, at that time you claimed to be not able to give a introductory lecture about chemistry. A lecture for medicine-students. Nothing special. You as a medical doctor were not able to create a simple introduction into chemistry for medical students but today you consider yourself more or less at the same level as the great Einstein. Interesting!

    For a real scientist in the natural sciences it would have been easy to put some things from textbooks together and hold the lecture then. But not you. Very interesting.

  13. Otto E. Rossler says:

    “abusing the commemoration of the 9/11 victims) by Roessler”

    Poor Germany

  14. Hansel says:

    Poor delusional and egomaniac Rössler.

  15. Otto E. Rossler says:

    Every scientist who finds something new that could save the lives of others is entitled to a little bit of enthusiasm, or is he not?

    Why the engagement of young people in defending their superiors’ decision not to have a look at Telemach and to not admit the safety conference which the new result if correct demands?

    The only arguments being brought up against me are psychological — the most trustworthy competence of German physicists? It would be cute were it not combined with this unreflected servility (sorry) which I have learned to fear.

    I must be a terrible character for insisting on being shown why my un-disproved results which if true can save the planet, do not deserve the benefit of the doubt.

    Why is it so vital to the scientists of Germany that my results go unchecked? Who loses anything if this heart’s wish of the rest of Germany goes unfulfilled and the Cologne Cout’s request for a scientific safety conference of last January is allowed to become publicly known and — even — be consummated? Cui bono if not?

    Please, dear Dr. Nicolai: Stop being silent since the world is waiting for your word.

    No one ever had greater authority on the planet. Please, be so kind as to open your mouth so the dialog which is science is resurrected.

    Bluntness is allowed, silence is perceived — both by the present and by the future — as something akin to cowardice.

    I know you are a sharp-thinking mind. Without your early circumspect resistance, Telemach would not have been born. Why not say a word at last about this mental fruit of our interaction? I am sure I shall learn something new from you once more, and the planet can breathe freely again.

    You seem to know that Telemach is incorrect. Why then not say why you insist that the planet’s life can be gambled on its falsity?

    Do you allow me to pay you a visit? Please.

  16. Otto E. Rossler says:

    Is the hatred so high? Did Professor Nicolai ask you to reply for him — I hope not.