Oct 25, 2011

The Worst 3 Days Are Coming: Can a Journalist or Lawyer Advise Me?

Posted by in categories: existential risks, particle physics

The background:
I showed 4 years ago that CERN’s LHC experiment is geocidal with a high probability.

The situation:
No one found a counterproof so far but CERN refuses to let me give a talk before them or to admit the scientific safety conference publicly requested 3½ years ago, and by the Cologne Administrative Court on January 27, 2011.

I went before the International Court for Crimes Against Humanity 3 years ago. I am presently before the UN Security Council and the UN General Assembly: No quiver so far.

I see no other way but public name-calling: I accuse my colleague professor Heuer, director of CERN, of risking the planet and hence “being worse than a Nazi” if he continues. I am allowed to say that. This is especially frightening.

Our colleague Richard J. Cook independently arrived at my results. A high-ranking member of a National Academy found an even nobler version independently. Many colleagues are on my side.

So why not interrupt the presently climaxing experiment (these very days) and admit the conference? I feel I must speak out in the name of any mother and father of the planet. Can really no one help?

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