Feb 24, 2012

Hazardeering CERN

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Prediction on Lifeboat vindicated: http://news.sciencemag.org/scienceinsider/2012/02/breaking-n…aster.html

CERN retracted their hundreds-of-authors long anti-Einstein paper – and the media report on the last page if at all.

Heuer must step down immediately before he commits his second crime – upgrading last year’s assault on everyone by a factor of six starting next week.


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  1. bill johnson says:

    Now there is :) I must point out that CERN was careful to say for the very beginning that the “faster than the speed of light neutrinos” findings were still a long way from being verified and needed more research before the results could be finalized. Basically they were saying (look at what we think we found, we will keep investigating this and you can as well if you like.) so really this is an example of the system working as it should, the only problem over the course of this story was that the media over-reported the initial findings as they often due because they like to sensationalize the news.

  2. You may have seen my early paper on Lifeboat in which I showed that a small apparent excess over c was actually predictable because of the faulty assumption of global simultaneiety on a rotating earth made in the experiment.
    This residual effect they now need to reproduce — unless another blunder is to be discovered.
    What is disturbing is the recurrent refusal to update.

    CERN’s refusal for 4 years up to this day to quote new evidence proving the LHC is suicidal is a reason to abdicate for the responsible scientist — unless he first admits the necessary scientific safety conference. Or don’t you agree?