Sep 24, 2012

American Antigravity is Back!

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Tim Ventura told me 2 days ago that American Antigravity is back. Congratulations Tim. Yours was a very popular site and it was a loss when it went dark.

Welcome back Tim. I look forward to more scoops from American Antigravity.


Benjamin T Solomon is the author & principal investigator of the 12-year study into the theoretical & technological feasibility of gravitation modification, titled An Introduction to Gravity Modification, to achieve interstellar travel in our lifetimes. For more information visit iSETI LLC, Interstellar Space Exploration Technology Initiative.

Solomon is inviting all serious participants to his LinkedIn Group Interstellar Travel & Gravity Modification.


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  1. Martin Kask says:

    This site deserves better that these quaky quacks quacking about their quaky sites.

  2. Martin Kask says:

    Another post that got deleted:
    “Benjamin the Goofball
    from Lifeboat News: The Blog by Gary Michael Church
    I submit that if Benjamin the gravity modifier had actually accomplished any of this list he would be as famous as Einstein.


    Major Accomplishments:
    1. Discovered the massless formula for gravitational acceleration g=(tau)c^2.
    2. Discovered Ni Fields and the unification of gravitational, electromagnetic and mechanical forces.
    3. Solved Laithwaite’s Big Wheel phenomenon, previously considered impossible by experimental & classical, physicists & engineers.
    4. Discovered the photon’s Spatial Probability Field and the new Var-Gamma probability distribution.
    5. Unified resolution, transmission, shielding, invisibility into a single phenomenon.
    6. Discovered spectrum independent photon analytics.
    7. Discovered subspace and how probability is implemented in Nature.
    8. Proposed that the wavefunction is the particle’s disturbance of spacetime and not the particle itself.”

    If you are not a quack Benjamin then man up and take the critique — argue your point. The deletion of the posts only confirms what a quack you are.

  3. Martin Kask do you know why Gary Church deleted his own posts?

  4. Martin Kask says:

    The question is why haven’t you deleted this post? How can you seriously promote a site that promotes crystal energy, chacras and all the other new age nonsense. This is supposed to be a scientific information exchange site, not an assembly loonatics .

  5. Martin Kask, I did not know there were topics on chacras and crystal energies. Wow, you looked up the site!

    I suppose you consider the support of STAIF II and interviews with people like Peter Diamandis, Robert Baker, Martin Tajmar (who is now Full Professor and Head of Space Systems Chair, Institute for Aerospace Engineering, TU Dresden, Germany), Richard Gauthier, Paul Murad, and many other distinguished engineer-scientist who are heavily involved in the aerospace industry (which you are not aware of) and have been supported by the big players in the aerospace industry (Boeing, Lockheed & NASA), not relevant to getting off this planet??

    American Antigravity, has a section for ‘fringe’ science. Is that a fault to throw out all these other esteemed engineer-scientist?

    If you have not been involved with AIAA, and the aerospace conferences you would not know what the rest of the world is doing!