Sep 27, 2012

T.O.E. – The Ontological Einstein

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The Ontological Einstein: “Vertical Twin-clocks Paradox Implies reversible Change of Size, Rest-mass and Charge”

by Professor Otto E. Rossler, Chaos Researcher, University of Tubingen, Germany


The ordinary (horizontal) twin-clocks paradox described by Einstein in 1905 objectively transports a younger twin into the future as is well known. This is a tangible miracle.

Poincaré, who had been almost everywhere before Einstein in special relativity (except for the transversal Doppler effect), had not seen this most astounding implication of the observer-specific absolute constancy of the speed of light, c. I call it an “ontological” effect. As such it stands not alone. It possesses a much less well-known sibling of equal rank and even stronger power as it turns out, the “vertical twin clocks paradox.” It applies in gravity when the sibling is reversibly lowered to stay for a while in a redshifted region down there. The second twin paradox’s long history has yet to be written; it not only makes the twin younger: It also implies a transitory change in size, mass and charge of the lowered twin and — via the first of these three effects — amazingly re-establishes global constancy of the speed of light c in general relativity (Telemach theorem).

No colleague objects but the crowd (exempting my friends) fumes behind closed doors. There is much money involved. CERN – despite the black-hole danger revealed to the eye by Telemach – refuses to update its 4 years old “safety report” and openly ignores a court’s kind request to admit a “safety conference.” The world’s media strangely comply by the suitors (to stay in the picture of Einstein-Ulysses) while the prospect of the planet being shrunk to 2 cm in a few years’ time with a non-small probability is being tacitly embraced globally. Ithaka is at risk.

There never was a bigger scandal, so it appears to me. Love is the unique invention of humankind – ultraperspective: to see with the eyes of the other and let this be known to her or him. I dare officially ask Israel again (and Iran for the first time) to bring the matter up in public. The fact that the Security Council objects out of solidarity with its sister organization (CERN) is not acceptable. Every citizen of the planet hopes that the threshold toward a first mini-black hole having been implanted into our planet to grow there exponentially, has not yet been overstepped by CERN’s ongoing attempt to produce black holes even though its sensors cannot even detect them owing to T.O.E.

“Lampsacus Hometown of Humankind on the Internet” deserves to be implemented at long last by Israel, Saudi Arabia, Iran and CERN in an attempt at recompense, combined with world-wide prayers, for “this is what humankind was meant for” as I learned 15 years ago in Israel. Bless you all.


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