Oct 24, 2012

Dear Dr. Kerwick, Lifeboat Administrator and first public scientific supporter of CERN’s for years:

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A systematic decay rate of white dwarf stars in the galaxy is possibly implicit in the data that the LSAG scientists of CERN just sent you and which you kindly forwarded to me.

This preliminary evidence is quite alarming. It allows one to extrapolate to the effects that the same causally to be implicated agent (black holes) has when produced on earth in ultra-slow form at CERN. This CERN attempts to do for 2 years – and with maximum luminosity during the remaining weeks of 2012.

Much as in nuclear fission the “cold neutrons” (slow neutrons) possess a much larger “cross-section” than fast ones, so the artificial “cold mini black holes” predictably possess a much larger cross section than their ultra-fast natural cousins in white dwarfs. Hence the nightmare of but a few years remaining to planet earth would be supported by empirical evidence for the first time.

Can you arrange for a first public dialog with CERN?

Thank you very much,

Sincerely yours,

Prof. Otto E. Rossler, University of Tubingen, Germany

P.S.: An Italian court just convicted 7 scientists for not having predicted an earth quake. This judgment will not prevail, I predict, because it amounts to clairvoyance requested from science by the court. CERN’s public behavior for 5 years belongs into an entirely different category, however, since they openly ignore an extant scientific proof of their actively causing the worst conceivable disaster. I give CERN the kind advice to stop collisions to date. And I thank the Lifeboat administration for leaving this text online for this is not a game. (Compare also a recent German-language newspaper article http://newsticker.sueddeutsche.de/list/id/1374980 .)


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  1. Tom Kerwick says:

    Otto — You should be aware that Markus Goritschnig is central to arrangements for public dialog with CERN — not me. I discuss aspects of the safety report with the LSAG from time to time — I find it is a better avenue — but it is not an avenue for arranging a PR event.

  2. Thank you, dear Tom. I had not known about Markus being able to make arrangements with CERN.
    I also agree with you that being honored by a dialog with LSAG is perhaps the best way towards arriving at a convergent view about the safety of the LHC experiment. I am glad that they gave you that honor.

  3. Tom Kerwick just deleted my two latest posts which read:


    1) http://lifeboat.com/blog/2012/10/one-leading-newspaper-on-th…ked-danger

    Oct 27, 2012

    One leading Newspaper on the Planet dared Report about the Unsolved unchecked Danger…

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    … that is issuing from CERN: http://www.sueddeutsche.de/f5A38R/912008/Artikel-2-GG-und-di.….LEBEN.html

    This leads to the question I cannot answer and maybe no one can answer: Why is no one in charge of a public office ready to publicly ask what is the matter? It is an issue, after all, that many competent people can confirm: There is no safety report from CERN for 4 years, there are unfalsified scientific assertions in learned journals and all over the netscape to the effect that the worst danger of history is implicit, and yet no one asks for a rejoinder from the responsible European agency.

    Just as if the future of their children and their spouses had no interest at all to every politician and media person. Elections are a charade if the people to be selected openly refuse to address the most bread-related issue of their constituency.

    There are only 9 weeks left till it is too late to act. And with every day the chances to make a difference are sliding.

    [sorry I did not copy the important comments]


    2) http://lifeboat.com/blog/2012/10/obama-better-safe-than-sorr…-than-safe

    Oct 30, 2012

    Obama: “Better Safe than Sorry” – CERN: “Better Sorry than Safe”

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    We all hope the best for the weather from above right now. The same must apply to the black-hole threat from below.

    = 0:08 this morning


    I would like to tell Tom that the use of violence instead of words is something I cannot understand.
    I will appreciate it if he could at least in retrospect justify himself. Otherwise this is a scandal.

  4. NY says:

    The only scandal is thst lifeboat still allows you to use its platform for your propaganda. There are people dying her in NY and you are poking fun of this tragedy and misuse it for your vanity project. You are a disgrace and so is lifeboat!

  5. Only if you are a clairvoyant can you say that the OTHER lives that I want to ALSO save in Obama’s footsteps are not endangered.

    It is good to see your confidence in this. But yesterday, many isolated individuals were walking Manhattan’s streets too, because they “knew” there was no danger.

    Can you enlighten us about the reason for your own confidence?