Oct 10, 2012

No one contradicts Me …

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… when I point to my published scientific finding that our own slower-ticking clocks down here on earth – compared to their twins installed in those high-flying G.P.S. satellites – are, apart from being slowed, also enlarged, mass-reduced and charge-reduced by the same factor.

This T-L-M-Ch theorem is a corollary to Einstein’s “happiest thought.” As long as it stays un-refuted, as it does for 5 years, no one on earth contradicts the conclusion that BLACK HOLES possess radically new properties. Hence the ongoing attempt at producing them on earth needs to be stopped immediately.

Greece could ingratiate the planet by her immediately convoking the “safety conference” suggested by a court on January 27, 2011. Humankind owes science to Greece as everyone knows. If today, Greece takes up the named suggestion (made by the Cologne Administrative Court), every mother on the planet will praise her for a whole new reason while the debts incurred by Greece will be considered a privilege to shoulder by the world community at large.

ZEYS SOTHP – Greece our savior


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  1. Tom Kerwick says:

    Otto — Hermann Nicolai, director of the Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics’ quantum gravity division, later described Rössler’s arguments as being “… based on an elementary misunderstanding of the theory of general relativity”. — That taken straight from your own Wikipedia entry. I think it would be difficult for you to argue in that context that ‘no one contradicts’… Perhaps a different word. ;-)

  2. Dear Tom:

    No — Hermann Nicolai never repeated these words, 4 years old, after I had talked to him.

    I subsequently presented the much easier-to-understand and more powerful Telemach theorem. He never objected.

    I am grateful to you for bringing the only serious if outdated criticism back up on the table: Maybe this will encourage Professor Nicolai to at long last speak out against Telemach which I often asked him to do?

  3. GaryChurch says:

    “No — Hermann Nicolai never repeated these words,”

    Why should he repeat himself? Especially to refute conspiracy theorists who do not know what they are talking about; it is like feeding a troll and only encourages them.
    Anyone reading your hundred and something blog entries of gibberish knows what you are. You are the most unsavory feature of this site and turn away most of the people who visit here.
    The best thing that could happen for the lifeboat blog and it’s mission of safeguarding humanity would be for you to remove your posts and disappear.
    If you cared anything about the earth instead of your bizarre ego driven compulsion to post endlessly the same lame and idiotic garbage then you would go.
    But you will not.

  4. Hate blog from a friend of the same good cause — why?

  5. Because Otto,
    You are the most unsavory feature of this site and turn away most of the people who visit here.

    You are the most unsavory feature of this site and turn away most of the people who visit here.

    You are the most unsavory feature of this site and turn away most of the people who visit here.

    Do I have to keep repeating myself?

  6. And it is not hate Otto, it is tough love. Someone needs to slap you up the side of the head and knock some sense into your thick skull. You are a broken record that needs to be thrown in the trash can.

  7. You seem to love broken records.
    But you so far failed to specify your criteria for brokenness.
    I would love to be shown to be wrong. Maybe you are the first who is strong enough to do so?

  8. Goodbye Otto.
    I tried.

  9. No, you didn’t: You gave no argument.
    You see: Science by definition consists in finding things that no one was ready to believe before. In this sense it is the closest thing to working a miracle.
    Therefore doing science by definition is walking a tightrope.
    Only ordinarily you do not have to worry about your short-term reception since the future will tell anyhow.
    Here there is a very abnormal situation indeed — that someone has to worry about getting a friendly ear. This is worse than being a beggar.
    Your talking to me briefly was more than I could expect. Thank you for your brief ear.