Oct 15, 2012

“Thanks for the Fish!” – paid to an Anonymous Group on the Internet

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Today is Felix-Baumgartner day since creativity wins. And today, I saw an interesting dialog about my potentially planet-saving results on the Internet. The latter was conducted by amateur physicists ( http://www.sciforums.com/showthread.php?113769-Invited-%28pe…-R%F6ssler ) who thereby have earned great merit since the whole rest of the profession refuses to come out.

The young colleagues tried to convince themselves and their readers that my “Telemach” result, which has the planet-saving potential if flawless, violates textbook and wiki wisdom and therefore is bound to be false.

Nevertheless I am very grateful to Mr. “rpenner” (pseudonym) and his friends for their being the only scientists so far who dare come out in a not totally anonymous way.

The emphasis they place on the Rindler metric at the beginning is especially meritorious. The Rindler metric is arguably the most important post-Einsteinian discovery. It implies the Telemach theorem – on the truthfulness of which the survival of the planet is predicated as no one denies.

But is the Rindler metric not well known and no one ever extracted fundamental new implications from it? Let me take this topic up for you.

The Rindler metric describes a one-light-year-long rocketship which at the tip has 1 g acceleration (earth’s gravity) and at the rear end has infinite acceleration. It consists of a very large number of “rocket rings” lined up between tip and bottom that all stick spontaneously together without touching because their constant accelerations vary in a lawfully graded manner. The best textbook still is Robert M. Wald’s “General Relativity” of 1984. It correctly reproduces (on page 151) the everywhere equal ticking times valid over the whole length of the ship – which, however, do not reproduce the local clocks’ readings, as the book correctly stresses. The local clocks rather tick more and more slowly towards the tail end to become effectively frozen there. This “local reality” of unit time intervals T inside the Rindler rocket has three corollaries: L (a meter stick’s length) is locally imperceptibly increased in proportion to T; M (a unit mass like that of an electron) is locally imperceptibly decreased by the same factor; and Ch (a unit charge) is likewise locally imperceptibly reduced in proportion.

This is maximally strange since the same rocketship – when briefly interrupted in its acceleration everywhere in the external simultaneity, while being momentarily at rest along the horizontal axis – is not infinitely long (only one light year long) and is not infinitely mass-reduced at the tail nor charge reduced there. Nevertheless these interior artifacts are “ontological”: An astronaut descending from the rocket’s tip inside is, after having been hauled back up again, indeed empirically younger on return in accordance with the equations. Thus, it is the internal picture T,L,M,Ch (“Telemach”) and not the external one which proves to be physically relevant.

My message is that this new ontology is presently being neglected by humankind at the risk of self-extinction. A “safety conference” is all that I am requesting for 4 years.

It will be my privilege – and perhaps not only mine – to learn more about these matters in the continued dialog with Mr. rpenner and his friends, Ms. Trooper and the others, on this forum here. Or if they so prefer, on theirs, to be mirrored here since the present discussion started out on Lifeboat. And if we are lucky will we even be granted a word of kind advice from grandmaster Wolfgang Rindler himself.


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