Dec 25, 2013

Edible Batteries Could Power Smart Pills and Medical Devices

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Bravo pH Capsule with Delivery System

Medicine is more an art than a science, doctors are the first to admit, not just because so much remains unknown about the human body, but also because patients often fail to provide relevant details or follow the doctor’s orders. Which explains the strong appeal of digitizing pills so that they register when the patient takes them and including Internet-enabled medical sensors in medical devices.

But how can we safely power electronic technology inside the body? A number of researchers are aggressively seeking answers to that question. For instance, Singularity Hub has covered an electronic pill that, when activated by stomach acid, generates enough power to signal an external device that then registers that the pill has been taken.

Carnegie Mellon biomedical engineer Christopher Bettinger argues that flexible biodegradable batteries safe for human consumption would help implants achieve maximum benefits.

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