Jan 25, 2014

Soft pneumatic exoskeleton could be perfect for use in rehab

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A diagram of the experimental orthotic device
We’ve recently been hearing a lot about how exoskeletons can be used in rehabilitation, guiding patients’ disabled limbs through a normal range of motion in order to develop muscle memory. The problem is, most exoskeletons are rigid, limiting their degrees of freedom to less than those of the body part they’re moving. A team of scientists are looking at changing that, with a partial “soft exoskeleton” that replicates the body’s own muscles, tendons and ligaments.

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  1. I volunteer to test a beta or otherwise near-final build of this.

  2. Frank Adkins says:

    I am a stroke patient…right side affected.…can walk with limp; right hand starting to move.….anyhow, was very interested while looking at your general use of what appears to be a soft streamlined exoskeleton with lots of potential.….