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Feb 11, 2014

The next step: 3D printing the human body

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By — The Telegraph
Human body 3D diagram

Bioprinting, or the process of creating human tissues through 3D printers, is a highly contested area of technological innovation. Theoretically it could save the economy billions on a global scale, whilst boosting weak or war-torn countries’ access to more affordable health care and provision, whether producing prosthetic limbs or highly customised fully-working human organs.

From a technological perspective, the rise and development of 3D printing and its capabilities will play an undeniable part in our future lives. But how does the process work?

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  1. Adrien says:

    Crazy i’s gonna be! I heard the already made an ear out of 3D printing. They go further everyday

  2. Adrien says:

    Check out this blog, and there is a good video on it: