May 24, 2014

White Swan Practical Tenets To Secure Fiscally-Sound and Guarantee Successfully Ever-Growing Corporations through Mr. Andres Agostini’s Transformative and Integrative Risk Management proprietary methodology.

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White Swan Practical Tenets To Secure Fiscally-Sound and Guarantee Successfully Ever-Growing Corporations through Mr. Andres Agostini’s Transformative and Integrative Risk Management proprietary methodology.

By Management Incumbents doing:

(1) Picture mentally, radiantly.

(2) Draw outside the canvas.

(3) Color outside the vectors.

(4) Sketch sinuously.

(5) Far-sight beyond the mind’s intangible exoskeleton.

(6) Abduct indiscernible falsifiable convictions.

(7) Reverse-engineering a gene and a bacterium or, better yet, the lucrative genome.

(8) Guillotine the over-weighted status quo.

(9) Learn how to add up — in your own brainy mind — colors, dimensions, aromas, encryptions, enigmas, phenomena, geometrical and amorphous in-motion shapes, methods, techniques, codes, written lines, symbols, contexts, locus, venues, semantic terms, magnitudes, longitudes, processes, tweets, “…knowledge-laden…” hunches and omniscient bliss, so forth.

(10) Project your wisdom’s wealth onto communities of timeless-connected wikis.

(11) Cryogenize the infamous illiterate by own choice and reincarnate ASAP (multiverse teleporting out of a warped / wormed passage) Da Vinci, Bacon, Newton, Goethe, Bonaparte, Edison, Franklyn, Churchill, Einstein, and Feynman.

(12) Organize relationships into voluntary associations that are mutually beneficial and accountable for contributing productively to the surrounding community.

(13) Practice the central rule of good strategy, which is to know and remain true to your core business and invest for leadership and R&D+Innovation.

(14) Kaisen, SixSigma, Lean, LeanSigma, “…Reliability Engineer…” (the latter as solely conceived and developed by Procter & Gamble and Los Alamos National Laboratories) it all unthinkably and thoroughly by recombinant, a là Einstein Gedanke-motorized judgment (that is to say: Einsteinian Gedanke [“…thought experiments…”].

(15) Provide a road-map and blueprint for drastically compressing (‘crashing’) the time’s ‘reticules’ it will take you to get on the top of your tenure, nonetheless of your organizational level.

(16) With the required knowledge and relationships embedded in organizations, create support for, and carry out transformational initiatives.

(17) Offer a tested pathway for addressing the linked challenges of personal transition and organizational transformation that confront leaders in the first few months in a new tenure.

(18) Foster momentum by creating virtuous cycles that build credibility and by avoiding getting caught in vicious cycles that harm credibility.

(19) Institute coalitions that translate into swifter organizational adjustments to the inevitable streams of change in personnel and environment.

(20) Mobilize and align the overriding energy of many others in your organization, knowing that the “…wisdom of crowds…” is upfront and outright rubbish.

(21) Step outside the boundaries of the framework’s system when seeking a problem’s solution.

(22) Within zillion tiny bets, raise the ante and capture the documented learning through frenzy execution. (23) “…Moonshine…” and “… Skunkworks …” and “…Re-Imagineer…” it all, holding in your mind the motion-pictured image that, regardless of the relevance of “…inputs…” and “…outputs,…”, entails that the highest relevance is within the sophistication within the THROUGHPUT.

(24) Don’t copy Nature and Biology, don’t even copy Universe. Just copy the Omniverse.

(25) Correlate everything else with the ignored and unthinkable ‘else’ of everything else, forever.

(26) Combine the practical and technological with the mysterious and meaningful.

(27) Pencil your map.

(28) Brush your road-map.

(29) Scratch your blueprint.

(30) Conceive of, develop and share unthinkable lessons learned.

(31) Facilitate a heterogeneous group — in the midst of appalling interpersonal chemistry — towards the accomplishment of a common goal.

(32) Learn complex new skills and new ways to make corporate miracles crystallize.

(33) Typo the cartoon.

(34) Keystroke the drawing.

(35) Acculturate your brain to operate executions from the applied omniscience via the lenses and springs of systems methodology.

(36) Manage RISKS and BENEFITS in series and never in parallel.

(37) Remove accident causes prior to a loss, knowing that an accident is never a random stroke of fate, but an utter and thus purported instrument of ignorance of supine ignorance.

(38) Convert your viewpoint to a systems approach.

(39) Enable full-orbed and balanced stability of your thinkables and unthinkables.

(40) Attempt to know, early on, the end from the beginning.

(41) Identify driving forces to make better decisions, manage uncertainty, and profit from change.

(42) Declare the past, recover yesterday, analyze the present, enjoy today, and reinvent tomorrow (today’s ensuing 24 hours).

(43) Build your own FUTURE transcending your past.

(44) Contort your mindful, mindless executions — and those in the midst of ‘mindful’ and ‘mindless’ executions —, solely out of this world, and solely out of this universe, and solely out of this reality, but not just for the inexpensive, tangential, impious sake of intellectual stunts, but only so that the ‘life’ has not unfruitful ‘afterlife’ — so-called —, and also so that the ‘world’ has no ‘afterworld’ (as well as, in congruence with the present work, ‘after-universe’ and even ‘after-verse.’) — so-called —. Aren’t afterlife and afterworld dis-intermediated anyway? Now, you, and merely you, proceed and transcend yourself, by yourself and for yourself.

(45) If you really want to make an operational difference in your professional theater of operations, go and get a full immersion in the fringe. Right in there, under that tense and pressing dynamics, you’ll have the vantage flux of the mirage.

(46) Tantalize your tangential pre-cognition and cognition into ever-‬metamorphosing ‭your attentive and contemplative trans-meditation Zen.

(47) ‭De-realize, thus, de-focus from that taken-for-granted realities of the folly and the faulty, literally!

(48) ‬Mostly in-source your mind with long-unknown virtualities.

(49) Assure that there are not un-searched areas of risk, benefit and sustainable opportunity.

(59) Acculturate yourself and those in your crew and in the orbit of incumbent stakeholders with most actionable, applied omniscience. Remember culture without science and technology is beyond blind.

(60) Cultivate the highest manifestations of human intelligence: vision, discipline, passion and conscience.

(61) Achieve next-level breakthrough in productivity, innovation and leadership in the marketplace and society.

(62) Develop the internal power and moral authority to break out of those problems to become a significant force in solving them.

(63) Use your voice and deeds to superbly serve your organization’s purposes, functions and stakeholders.

(64) Magnify your current gifts, talents, skills and dexterities.

(65) Take a prior learning for Life, apply it to a new situation, learn from practical experience, and apply the new learning.

(66) Pervasively reason from effect to cause and from cause to effect.

(67) Envision shrewd yet calculated risks, from start to end, to turn downsides into upsides.

(68) “…Exponentialize the rushed and marshaled progression of your own all-rounded, perennial learning curves on the doubles, chiefly those directly concerned with engaging your diverse skills, dexterities, and talents to overcome — through fluid execution by mind preparedness — your theater of operations because of and by the increasingly threatening surroundings. Otherwise, the onset Technological Revolutions (compounded in a pervasive composite), as explained in «Futuretonium and Futureketing and White Swan», will give you the hardest time to you and yours. There is realistic and austere hope if we work the hardest and in the most scientific mode.

(69) Figure out exactly which genes and neurons coalesce to make synapses with.

(70) Wire up synapses and genes the soonest.

(71) Ask now more sophisticated questions to marshal upon.

(72) Don’t juts copy Nature but focus on copying Biology, Nature and the Omniverse.

The Lifeboat Foundation Worldwide Ambassador Mr. Andres Agostini’s own White Swan Update, Countermeassuring Every Unthinkable Black Swan, at https://russian.lifeboat.com/blog/2014/04/white-swan

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