May 2, 2014

This Is What A Holographic iPhone Might Look Like

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Fast Company

Lasers. Infrared sensors. Parabolic mirror assemblies. These are the technologies that could allow iPhones of the future to project holograms from 3-D screens, according to a new Apple patent application.

Now, whether or not Apple will actually make such a device, no one knows. It’s perfectly common for the company to patent technologies that don’t make their way into finished products.

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  1. William Bliss says:

    Low energy photons are perfectly linear. This means we can only see holographic effects within the solid angle framed by the holographic film.

    More importantly, the hologram pixels need to be smaller than the wavelength of visible light. So your typical smartphone screen would need Tens of Tera-Pixels and take all day to download one holographic view.