Jun 23, 2014

To infinity and beyond: VR games embrace space travel and innovation at E3 2014

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Giancarlo Valdes — Venture Beat
To infinity and beyond: VR games embrace space travel and innovation at E3 2014

We can finally talk about virtual reality games with a straight face.

At this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) video game trade show in Los Angeles, a small pool of VR games held their own against a big slate of indie titles and triple-A blockbusters. This is the first year that Oculus VR, the poster boy for VR’s resurgence with its popular Oculus Rift headset, had a presence on the expo floor, an elegant booth that wasn’t too far from Oculus’s biggest competitor, Sony’s Project Morpheus. Neither company has set a release date for their devices (Samsung, the third challenger for the VR crown, is trying to beat them both to market).

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  1. David Wood says:

    hey, this blog sounds really cool. you should check out my oculus rift spaceship exploration demo at my website (also at riftenabled [G-FAP demo]). My experience with building scenes for the rift shows how it gives the observer an immersion into the environment that could be extremely useful in designing critical human-machine systems like spacehips/space stations. As an engineer I build how machines need to work but as a VR artist I experience what its like to be the man inside that machine…