Aug 28, 2014

Only children can fully appreciate a life-saving truth – but they cannot spread it

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Three life-saving truths are shunned by all grownups to date:

T 1 – The “Mandela Planet” can be implemented to date

Everyone is aware that planet-wide elections are no problem to hold in our time. The resulting world constitution will contain a safeguard that protects the status quo of the privileged countries for a limited length of time in the footsteps of the South African constitution. So the world constitution poses no risk to the mighty while war and cruelty suddenly are a thing of the past.

T 2 – An “Offer of Reunification to Israel” can be made by Germany to date

The Palestine conflict then suddenly belongs to history while the sea of tears can at long last flow. Paying the Palestinians full recompense for their lost territory is part of the offer. Today’s inhabitants of Germany are ready to return to Anne Frank her German citizenship – and along with her to her once German speaking people. The gesture is what counts, acceptance is another matter.

T 3 – A U.N. order for CERN to “Renew their 6 years old safety report” can be issued to date

Alarming scientific results have accrued in the literature during the past six years – evidence no company could afford to ignore. The nightmare of the planet being at risk of getting shrunk to 2 cm in the impending future cannot be allowed to go on (see “Honey I shrunk the Earth”). Search for a counter-proof is a planetary duty. Six years without safety report dwarf the Manhattan project.

The Three Truths

are wished to come true by every child because children harbor an unlimited trust in the grownups. The children cannot understand the global lack of action on their behalf. No child objects to being loved. Only the adults find it an embarrassing task to show affection. The grownups are no longer used to being deeply loved – unless they have young children. Allow me to turn to you, my dear grownup friends, in the children’s name with the three heart-warming truths T1 to T3.


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  1. Otto E. Rossler says:

    An important learned article re-opening the wound oft he 6-yesr long breach of duty at CERN: