Oct 16, 2014

Currents and Undercurrents?

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Currents and Undercurrents?


I was reading The Economist and a notion came to my mind.

We have all have heard the Chinese adage,

“… Don’t look at the waves but the currents underneath …”

As per the onset and in-progress Disruptional Singularity (coined by the signatory), and using the terms “current” and “undercurrent” as linguistic wilds-cards, we have several CONCURRENT Global Current and Worldly Undercurrent going on, around this Globe.

In extreme holistic (beyond-insurance) risk management, we always know that small risks and medium-size risks and even large risks end up compounding together into devastation if we stay like innocent bystanders.

And as they compound, they make the Diruptional Singularity is a reality.

Considering Media and Political Agendas, Which one is the “Current,” Ebola or ISIS?

Considering Media and Political Agendas, Which one is the “Undercurrent,” ISIS or Ukraine?

And there are also Forefronts and Foregrounds, such as the global massive sovereign indebtedness, nation-state-promoted cyberattacks, or reserve currencies waged into war by the Central Bankers in the most important world economies.

Proper jobs and correct employment will never come back as industrial investors prefer to invest on bots and superautomation than humans. For the sake of their shares values and dividends, they will make frequent pacts with Satan with the utter purpose to be superricher yet.

We have our concentration GLUED to the Waves, and not the Currents, Undercurrents, Counter-Currents, and Counter-Undercurrents underneath!

Currents are Dynamic Driving Forces that reshape this as-of-now Present (Continuum) and near-term future.

Undercurrents are Counter-” Dynamic Driving Forces” that reshape this as-of-now Present (Continuum) and near-term future.

And so on and on. Every Force has a Counter-Force.

In other not to get your mind brainwashed, socially-engineered, or controlled, you are going to have to REFLECT HARD AND SUBTLE and UNCONDITIONALLY AUDIT all those currents and counter-current underneath.


White Swan Book Author (Source of this Article)








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