Oct 23, 2014

FUTURISM UPDATE (October 24, 2014)

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FUTURISM UPDATE (October 24, 2014)


FORBES: Three Industries Going Through Dramatic Supply Chain Transformations http://lnkd.in/drBaPhW

GEEKWIRE: Google leads $542M Magic Leap deal, betting on augmented reality http://www.geekwire.com/2014/google-leads-542m-magic-leap-in…d-reality/

THE NEW YORK TIMES: Google Invests Heavily in Magic Leap’s Effort to Blend Illusion and Reality http://dealbook.nytimes.com/2014/10/21/google-invests-in-mag…lity-firm/

THE NEW YORK TIMES: On the Cusp of Climate Change, that is the Global Existential Risk of the Climate at http://lnkd.in/dcENSVk

FORBES: Three Industries Going Through Dramatic Supply Chain Transformations http://lnkd.in/drBaPhW

FEDTECH: Why Data Center Consolidation Savings Are a Moving Target. Most agencies are reporting estimated savings and cost avoidance data to the Office of Management and Budget. http://lnkd.in/dFsrTm7

NEW YORK TIMES: Amazon Web Services to Open German Center http://lnkd.in/d7X2Grd

BUSINESS INSIDER: Mark Zuckerberg taught himself Mandarin, inspired by his wife Priscilla Chan, while running Facebook. He’s good enough that he was able to give a 30-minute Q&A today entirely in Mandarin at Tsinghua University in China. http://lnkd.in/dnpYPxF

GIZMODO: Compact SSDs That Outperform the Fastest USB Flash Drives http://gizmodo.com/compact-ssds-that-outperform-the-fastest-…socialflow

THE NEW YORK TIMES: On the Cusp of Climate Change, that is the Global Existential Risk of the Climate at http://lnkd.in/dcENSVk

COMPUTERWORLD: 8 big trends in big data analytics http://lnkd.in/dd_GZ8X

NASA: China launched to the Moon today. The spacecraft will have a brief 8-day mission out to the Moon and back. It is an engineering test for the technology that the future Chang’e 5 sample return mission will need to return samples to Earth. http://lnkd.in/dDktQMQ

FINANCIAL TIMES: PC market recovery boosts Microsoft http://on.ft.com/1oyRYxV

THE ECONOMIST: Japan’s new airliner. Is Mitsubishi’s new jetliner a commercially viable project? http://lnkd.in/dctx_6Z

REUTERS: Why Ukraine’s revolution has left protesters discontented and the country divided. http://reut.rs/1rlK4TV

BUSINESS INSIDER: 3 Girls Won The Google Science Fair With A Bacteria-Based Plan To Solve The Food Crisis http://lnkd.in/dHZRFP9

FUTURE OBSERVATORY: Current Sun Activity May Reduce the Speed of Climate Change and Stop Humans From Going to Mars http://lnkd.in/dnsjrdY

MOSCOW TIMES: Russia Wants State Control of Root Internet Infrastructure http://lnkd.in/d_4XqhK

MOSCOW TIMES: Russia’s CSTO Stumbles on Regional Conflicts in Drive to Rival NATO. While top Russian officials and pro-Kremlin politicians continue to paint NATO as an existential threat to Russia and even an instigator of the Ukraine crisis, Moscow has been working to strengthen the legitimacy of…more http://lnkd.in/dEKe3tE

DER SPIEGEL: The Zombie System: How Capitalism Has Gone Off the Rails http://lnkd.in/d2X-P2A

REUTERS: Microsoft sales beat Street hopes, cloud profits up http://lnkd.in/d7Dr7nz

THE ECONOMIST: Market turmoil: A blessing in disguise? http://econ.st/12kjLbc

LINKEDIN: Boards and Clients! http://lnkd.in/dA9breP

THE ECONOMIST: Unproductive production. Weakening productivity is casting doubt on the sustainability of China’s growth http://www.economist.com/news/finance-and-economics/21623708…3b12a5e227

WASHINGTON TIMES: Putin emboldened by weak U.S. response to Russian aggression, analysts say: http://wtim.es/1seW6gV

FORTUNE MAGAZINE: In online sales, could Wal-Mart ever top Amazon? http://for.tn/1xevpgX

REUTERS: Merkel says EU will discuss bridging finance for Ukraine next week http://reut.rs/1ozyxEW

FINANCIAL TIMES: Chinese property prices fall across the country http://on.ft.com/1D3Xbi8

Love by Sun Tzu is paid with love by Sun Tzu.

George Soros: Russia threatens EU’s survival: http://on.mktw.net/1uM3lPv

MONEY IS NOT BACKED WITH GOLD. REMEMBER NIXON? WSJ Markets: Put your money into blue-chip stocks and watch it grow? Not so much lately: http://on.wsj.com/1ovpZ25

Bloomberg News: Drop in China home prices spreads as easing fails to halt downturn of economy http://bloom.bg/1zn4YuP

FINANCIAL TIMES: US accuses allies of buying Isis oil http://on.ft.com/1DF95B6

THE ECONOMIST: The world’s biggest economies. China’s back http://lnkd.in/dKUKrDe


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