Nov 17, 2014

FUTURISM UPDATE (November 18, 2014) — Mr. Andres Agostini, Amazon

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FUTURISM UPDATE (November 18, 2014) — Mr. Andres Agostini, Amazon

a Amazon and Lifeboat

The Economist: Genetically modified crops. The biggest study so far finds that GM crops have large, widespread benefits The biggest study so far finds that GM crops have large, widespread benefits http://lnkd.in/diqjQp4

The Economist: What next for retail banks? http://lnkd.in/dahXnmU

Bank of Canada: Money in a Digital World http://lnkd.in/dnwMD4p

KAI: How to increase (or decrease) brain activity and memory http://lnkd.in/dZSvCYD

KAI: Magic tricks using artificial intelligence http://lnkd.in/daXfEUz

CNN: U.S. weather system hacked, affecting satellites http://lnkd.in/dpv8UjP

MOSCOW TIMES: Russia May Be Planning National Space Station to Replace ISS. Russia may be planning to build a new, independent national space station rather than prolong its participation in the $150 billion International Space Station (ISS) program beyond its current 2020 end date, the Kommersant… http://lnkd.in/dG-ehUX

The Economist: A phoneful of dollars. The world’s poor need the stability and security that banks have traditionally offered, but increasingly they do not need banks to provide it http://lnkd.in/dhTWCDd

Financial Times: Airbus patents flying doughnuts http://lnkd.in/dVGHcK7

Financial Times: The European Commission is considering the creation of investment funds seeded with cash from either the EU budget or the European Investment Bank, as the centrepiece of a new growth plan. http://lnkd.in/d8qFjuj

Financial Times: China opens markets in Hong Kong-Shanghai deal http://lnkd.in/dKb9Vpv

Yahoo Canada Finance: Markets hit by Japan recession; One mega-merger on, another off; Facebook looks to expand into your workplace http://lnkd.in/d5DfeX9

Newsweek: Designers Building Roadways That Generate Solar Power http://lnkd.in/dY6nBMq

Forbes: Where Image Recognition Technology Is Headed For Retailers: Cortexica Interview http://lnkd.in/djgyEx6

THE GUARDIAN: Putin claims west is provoking Russia into new cold war as ‘spies’ deported. Russian president denies fanning tensions and says Nato ‘expansion’ in Europe had been ‘geopolitical game changer’ http://lnkd.in/dkTV9SG

THE GUARDIAN: David Cameron warns of looming second global crash. PM says ‘red warning lights are flashing’ against a backdrop of instability and uncertainty, as G20 summit draws to a close http://lnkd.in/d5-G44n

THE GUARDIAN: State Department email attack ‘fits pattern’ of Russian hackers, says expert http://lnkd.in/dxPXWct

THE GUARDIAN: Anonymous takes over Ku Klux Klan’s Twitter account. Internet activists respond to KKK taunts in row over Ferguson protests by taking over group’s official account on Twitter http://lnkd.in/dQ5hs67

THE GUARDIAN: Sir Tim Berners-Lee: we need more MPs who know how to code. The inventor of the World Wide Web issues a plea for more politicians who understand how computers work http://lnkd.in/dWtYKP2

THE GUARDIAN: Harvard University admits to secretly photographing students. Photos of 2,000 students across 10 lecture halls were taken as part of an experiment to measure classroom attendance http://lnkd.in/dh_bD6P

WALL STREET JOURNAL: Google’s Project Loon Woos Telecom Giants http://lnkd.in/dtmzGNR

WALL STREET JOURNAL: Intel Reveals Details of MICA Smart Bracelet http://lnkd.in/d_NVkkv

BLOOMBERG: 5 Numbers That Illustrate the Mind-Bending Size of Amazon’s Cloud http://lnkd.in/dwAXXXs

FORBES: China Once Again Boasts The World’s Fastest Supercomputer http://lnkd.in/dunUBQf

DER SPIEGEL: Putin’s Reach: Merkel Concerned about Russian Influence in the Balkans. Berlin has begun to see Moscow as an adversary rather than as a potential partner. The German government is concerned about efforts by Russian President Vladimir Putin to increase his influence in the Balkans. Stopping him, however, could prove difficult. http://lnkd.in/dhTPtBe

FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Saudi Arabia’s Nuclear Envy. Washington Should Help Riyadh Keep Up With Tehran http://lnkd.in/duKcavD

Forbes: CIO Innovation Budgets Are Increasing http://lnkd.in/dvWwHgg

BBC: Amazon seeks UK drone experts for delivery service http://lnkd.in/dGfgCkR

INDIA TODAY: Saudi Crown Prince to Modi: Ready to cooperate in all sectors http://lnkd.in/dp2jmaR

Times of India‎: Global survey: Brand India ranks a poor 31st out of 50 nations, Germany is No. 1 http://lnkd.in/dRYZqQV

OECD: China headed to overtake EU, US in science & technology spending, OECD says http://lnkd.in/dUNqhBC

THE BULLETIN: Internet-trading platforms: Making it easier to get around sanctions? http://lnkd.in/dDD8nXT

RAND CORPORATION: France’s War in Mali. Lessons for an Expeditionary Army http://lnkd.in/dxcRMEf

Wired: Facebook’s New Data Center Is Bad News for Cisco http://lnkd.in/dNHCvPY

RAND CORPORATION: Addressing SSDI’s Looming Insolvency http://lnkd.in/d4kAjx2

UC Berkeley: Synthetic biology could be big boost to interplanetary space travel http://lnkd.in/d3e_XBc

Science Careers Blog: Genomically encoded analog memory with precise in vivo DNA writing in living cell populations http://lnkd.in/dpJJW24

Hyperallergic: Will Our Future Be Biologically Designed? http://lnkd.in/dm2ZDTP

MIT News: Solar cells made from coal, smart nanoparticles that work with bacteria to fight cancer, and an effort to enhance human cognition by stimulating brain waves are just a few examples of the high-risk, high-impact projects funded by the first round of Prof. Amar G. Bose Research Grants. http://newsoffice.mit.edu/2014/mit-faculty-bose-grants-1117

New York Times: The A.M. Turing Award is often called the Nobel Prize of computer science. Now, thanks to Google’s largess, it will be a Nobel-level prize financially: $1 million. http://lnkd.in/dDZdNSF

FORBES: Why We Must Have Computer Science In More Schools And Classrooms http://lnkd.in/d-S2CEa

Scientific American: Next Wave of U.S. Supercomputers Could Break Up Race for Fastest. National Labs are now collaborating, not competing, to make the fastest supercomputers, which should enable new types of science to model everything from climate change to materials science to nuclear-weapons performance http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/next-wave-of-u-s-s…r-fastest/

Nature.com: Novel and enhanced anti-melanoma DNA vaccine targeting the tyrosinase protein inhibits myeloid-derived suppressor cells and tumor growth in a syngeneic prophylactic and therapeutic murine model http://www.nature.com/cgt/journal/vaop/ncurrent/full/cgt201456a.html

BUSINESS INSIDER: In China, High Demand For Robots But Too Many Robot Manufacturers http://lnkd.in/dbRTj2Z

The New Yorker: Print Thyself. How 3-D printing is revolutionizing medicine. http://lnkd.in/d8D5u_F

BBC: US government planes collecting phone data, report claims. Devices that gather data from millions of mobile phones are being flown over the US by the government, according to the Wall Street Journal. http://lnkd.in/dgvDz56

BBC: China’s Alibaba eyes first bond sale after record listing http://lnkd.in/dGwsMt9

THE ATLANTIC: A Drone for the Environment http://lnkd.in/dkGha73

CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR: Why Poland and Russia are expelling each other’s diplomats. Poland expelled Russian diplomats for spying. Russia retaliated by sending four Polish diplomats home. http://lnkd.in/dkejF5g


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