Nov 24, 2014

Success Through Swiss Specialness By Mr. Andres Agostini at http://www.LINKEDIN.com/in/andresagostini

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Success Through Swiss Specialness

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I have a most-successful well-to-do Swiss friend in Zurich, operating worldwide, who argues, “…Andres, doing business is holding a conversation with the right people …” You share his thought in North America and people think it a naivete. My friend is, regardless, absolutely wise by any known and unknown measure.

I have known penniless educated people, both young and in advanced ages, with great smarts and promissory ideas, but extremely imprudent and tactless that keep themselves in a limbo loop of not accomplishing anything because of their abject lack of true immemorial wisdom. Well, this friend of mine is exactly a testimony of the outright contrary.

He is the most industrious and fun person I have ever met, from Monday through Monday, 24÷7÷365, all of the time. He strongly reminds me of my thyself.

In the mean time, he is an actuary, a physicist with advanced deep studies in high finance, insurance, risk management, I.T., and China. He has many companies, including one manufacturing solar panels. And he is guiding thousands of highly-educated Chinese investors into higher-yield investments around the world.

His morality and ethics are beyond any shadow of doubt. He observes timeliness and even through difficult challenges, he keeps a cool and positive environment.

All Swiss are polyglot. This one though also speaks and writes perfect Mandarin, Russian, and Spanish.

Swiss are punctual, industrial, elevated, and refined. I just loved their Draconian application of Accurate Timeliness. NYC Bohemian Hippie Major, the self-called into “…sluggishness…”, faces, day by day, the Antichrist when attempting to conform to the Swiss Timeliness of my friend and mine.

A guy named Bob asked me to further internationalized his company around the globe. I asked him if it was alright for me to speak to my special Swiss friend to that end. Bob said yes. Then, my friend and I presented an unimpeachable detailed listing with over 10,000 contacts (business candidates) around the developed and developing world, indicating full names, full physical and mailing address, and other contact information. Bob, as a rude provincial peasant, was so in shock that he never got back to our messages, disrupting his reputation.

You see, my Swiss friend was a champion at a Swiss re-Insurance company and a world-class Consultancy. And when you are so, your core-business’ mandate is to meet zillion people from the so-called four corners of the world. And he has been keeping, for several decades, updated personalized records to that end. Bob, was expecting an Alabama-type-of standard when he encountered the fearless way of doing business a la Zurich.

This morning, he kindly wrote the following:

(He is a most-ironclad friend of mine but he does not give away compliments, but public expressions strongly cemented on verified merits and business transactions through many, many years).

“… Andres has proven to be a high professional in his field of work. He is direct, has strong analytic skills and comes with fit solution to the issues he comes across. He has a sharp eye for details, while at the same time maintains a helicopter view and is an out-of-the-box thinker. All in a balanced way. These qualities are very essential for project management. I strongly recommend Andres to all my friends, peers and colleagues! …”

Authored By Copyright Mr. Andres Agostini

White Swan Book Author (Source of this Article)



Authored By Copyright Mr. Andres Agostini

White Swan Book Author (Source of this Article)



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