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Lifeboat Foundation — Futurism Update — Feb/26/2015

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Lifeboat Foundation — Futurism Update — Feb/26/2015








READWRITE-COM: Hadoop Creator: If You Want To Succeed With Big Data, Start Small http://readwrite.com/2015/02/25/hadoop-big-data-start-small-doug-cutting

FORBES: How The Internet Of Things Can Enhance Human Relationships http://www.forbes.com/sites/techonomy/2015/02/04/how-the-int…tionships/

MIT OPEN COURSEWARE: Brain and Cognitive Sciences http://ocw.mit.edu/courses/brain-and-cognitive-sciences/
ENTREPRENEUR-COM: Is Bitcoin Speculative Foolery or a Financial Services Breakthrough? http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/243071

TED: 30 futuristic spacecraft driving the new space age http://ideas.ted.com/18-companies-driving-the-new-space-age/

TECHCRUNCH: Defining the digital currency professional http://tcrn.ch/1DTX9ON

ACCENTURE: Software intelligence, elevated by the cloud, is a game-changer across business & industry: http://bddy.me/1JMWoe2

IEEE SPECTRUM: Internet-of-Things Radio Chip Consumes a Little Power to Save a Lot: MIT engineers build a 100-fold more effic… http://bit.ly/1BVxzIA

THE ECONOMIST: Why James Wilson and The Economist supported compulsory vaccination in 1853 http://econ.st/1LCpXL4

FINANCIAL TIMES: Pharmacyclics considers sale as drug deals roll on http://on.ft.com/1DW1sJA

PWC: to discuss leading practices in #databreach preparedness & response at the IAPPSummit on 3/5. Join us: http://bit.ly/1oDdfDO

BUSINESS INSIDER: This is what it’s like to drive the McLaren 650S Spider, http://read.bi/1zfbXjw

SCI TECH DAILY: Yale Neurobiologists Discover Surprising Trigger of New Brain Cell Growth http://scitechdaily.com/yale-neurobiologists-discover-surpri…ll-growth/

BBC NEWS: Skin may helps spot Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease http://www.bbc.com/news/health-31585299

THE DAILY MAIL: Will holidays soon be uploaded to our MINDS? Dr Michio Kaku reveals how we could use our brains in the next 50 years http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2965072/Will-…z3Smvzc9Zm

SCIENCE DAILY: Tissue engineering: Scientists grow leg muscle from cells in a dish http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2015/02/150224182531.htm

FINANCIAL TIMES: Urwin quits JPMorgan for Deutsche Bank http://on.ft.com/1GvRJaY

These crowdfunding campaigns are weirder than yours http://entm.ag/1DRc62I

NEW YORK TIMES: Limited High-Speed Internet Choices Underlie Net Neutrality Rules http://nyti.ms/1DW7JoL

NEW SCIENTIST: Google DeepMind AI outplays humans at video games http://ow.ly/JEmpk

THE ECONOMIST: America’s mortgage-insurance giants are making bigger profits than before the crisis http://econ.st/17GY0nR

FINANCIAL TIMES: Video: Google’s European shake-up http://on.ft.com/1GvR3Tc

HUDSON INSTITUTE: “Executive Tell All: Progress, Challenges, Opps” http://bit.ly/1evQzgA

NEW YORK TIMES: Bits Blog: A Google Computer Can Teach Itself Games http://nyti.ms/1GvR2hQ

NEW YORK TIMES: Machine Learning: Video Feature: High-Quality Smartphones for Less Money http://nyti.ms/1akMssl

BUSINESS INSIDER: Product Hunt founder: Here’s how we could make money someday http://read.bi/17zc2rW

IT WORLD: Mobile is pushing the boundaries of IT security (registration required) http://bit.ly/1LDlrMh

IEEE: Computer scientists want to make a form of AI that can play a game only knowing the rules of it: http://bit.ly/1JMydMU

MEDICAL XPRESS: Hidden gene gives hope for improving brainfunction http://medx.cc/344098270

CNBC: This is taking a bigger economic toll on U.S. » http://cnb.cx/1BuHple

ROCKEFELLER FUND: NASA warns of a ClimateChange-fueled “mega-drought” in North America if CO2 levels don’t decrease http://ow.ly/Jph0h

DER SPIEGEL: Interview with Naomi Klein: ‘The Economic System We Have Created Global Warming’ http://spon.de/aervT

THE ECONOMIST: Why James Wilson and The Economist supported compulsory vaccination in 1853 http://econ.st/18kquFl

KPMG: Cloud technology helps enable A&D companies to leapfrog over competition



REUTERS: Astronomers find giant black hole in early universe http://reut.rs/1akLM6l

DER SPIEGEL: The Warming World: Is Capitalism Destroying Our Planet? http://spon.de/aerCk

THE ECONOMIST: From Espresso: Cards on the table: the hacking of Gemalto http://econ.st/18m2NME

BUSINESS INSIDER: NY investigators have flagged “millions” of potentially illegal money laundering transactions — all at one bank http://read.bi/1GvQ1Xb

TECHCRUNCH: Hands On With The New Moto E http://tcrn.ch/1vzzVut

MEDICAL XPRESS: Researchers find link between inflammation, tissue regeneration and wound repair response http://medx.cc/344098040

NIH: A2 When genes mutate, they can lead to genetic disorders. There are 3 types &you can learn more about them: http://1.usa.gov/1zdiYS0

MONEY: Boomers’ homes are once again their castles http://money.us/1LAqHjO

CSIS: Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs speaks on China’s emerging role in the Arctic: watch live http://cs.is/1EIr75y

BUSINESS INSIDER: This chart shows how China, India, and Japan are competing to develop own aircraft carriers http://read.bi/1JMStxX

VENTURE BEAT: Google built a machine that’s better at games than you are http://wp.me/p5hvhT-700M

STANFORD UNIVERSITY: Are people willing to pay more for fair trade products? http://stanford.io/1D53emb

FORBES: FCC scheduled to vote tomorrow to make broadband providers the equivalent of common-carrier telephone companies: http://onforb.es/1Arsnu4

UN FOUNDATION: “Social good needs to be a part of life. It is a part of our DNA” — http://bit.ly/1C4oRqb

WORLD BANK: Why being your whole self — and not just your “good” self, drives success and fulfillment. http://wrld.bg/JDnT8

CRITICAL THREATS: Yemen Special Forces camp west of capital http://bit.ly/1DpL41a

BUSINESS INSIDER: Russia considered a plan to split Ukraine before the president’s overthrow http://read.bi/1LIlbO3

NETWORK WORLD: “The change for @ExtremeNetworks vs where we were prior to the Enterasys acquisition is pretty dramatic.” http://ow.ly/JBj4r

CNET: Google is making an enterprise push with Android for Work http://cnet.co/1DblaeU

YAHOO: U.S. oil jumps nearly 2% as distillate stocks narrow. http://yhoo.it/18m6xOl

JetBlue gives out free flights, just for being nice http://huff.to/1GptJ9p

Women are more likely to feel sharp upper body pain when having a heart attack. http://go.usa.gov/33UA4

FINANCIAL TIMES: Is your lawnmower too loud? The growing campaign for quieter garden machines: http://on.ft.com/1LCN9J7

REUTERS: Life in Hong Kong’s illegally divided apartments that are just large enough for a bed. http://reut.rs/1LDZcG6

FUTURE OBSERVATORY: Train derails after colliding with truck in Oxnard, California http://alj.am/1GuFiwh

BUSINESS INSIDER: The stock market is not attractive at this price — but it could be worse http://read.bi/1EsH7KQ

FUTURE OBSERVATORY: CRN Exclusive: HP CEO Whitman On IBM’s Partner Run-Off, The Battle With Cisco And AWS Integration http://go.crn.com/1akJXGF

FRANCE 24: DEBATE — Swissleaks and the Banks http://f24.my/1DqF73X

FUTURE OBSERVATORY: Only effective tests for chronic fatigue syndrome will change its image. http://nyti.ms/1vz4LDH

WALL STREET JOURNAL: The IRS audited 0.86% of individual taxpayers last year, the lowest rate in a decade: http://on.wsj.com/1DqtKck

FUTURE OBSERVATORY: “We need to respond to Russia’s blatant breach of intl. law”- Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs http://cs.is/1EIr75y

FUTURE OBSERVATORY: Robots might take some people’s jobs, but they still can’t fold the laundry:

REUTERS: Pink cloud from NASA rocket lights up sky over U.S. Southwest http://reut.rs/1akJmEX

FRANCE 24: Israel court okays Charlie Hebdo distribution for vote http://f24.my/1akJjZC

REUTERS: Study links common food additives to Crohn’s disease, colitis http://reut.rs/1akJmom

NATGEO: Thanks to big government and high taxes, Scandinavia is a success story—mostly: http://on.natgeo.com/1Bv2VWW

ACCENTURE: AccentureCloud: Software intelligence, elevated by the cloud, is a game-changer across business & industry: http://bddy.me/1JMWoe2

BLOOMBERG: ScottWalker’s economic record http://bloom.bg/18m1TQq

FINANCIAL TIMES: MPs grill HSBC chiefs over tax scandal http://on.ft.com/1GvMx6W

BLLOMBERG: Finding opportunities in a low-volatility market: http://bloom.bg/1ER2Ry0

SCIENCE FRIDAY: Leave your headphones at home- the most effective way to learn another language is to interact with a native speaker. http://scifri.me/0y4cux

PWC: PwC to discuss leading practices in databreach preparedness & response at the IAPP Summit on 3/5. Join us: http://bit.ly/1oDdfDO

AMERICAN MANAGEMENT: Did you miss this? AMA Picked 2014’s Most Notable Biz Influencers: http://ow.ly/JzGK9

CSIS: China’s new cybersecurity rules could ruin the progress on Beijing-Washington relations http://cs.is/17uurGo

BOSTON CONSULTING GROUP: Consumers would rather sacrifice other luxuries than lose use of their http://on.bcg.com/1Dmwmbl

DEFENSE NEWS: Singapore is moving closer to ordering the Lockheed Martin F-35 joint strike fighter Avalon Airshow Avalon 2015 http://ow.ly/JDyo8

FORTUNE: Why Mercedes wants to export more vehicles to the U.S. http://for.tn/17zhhrF

STANFORD UNIVERSITY: “Today Turkey has just 1% e-commerce penetration compared to 10% in the U.S. and 8% in Europe.” http://stanford.io/1DOM9SN

FOREIGN POLICY: Does the euro project even make sense anymore? Did it ever? http://atfp.co/1zIBcMm

PC MAG: The 10 Best Gaming Monitors: http://bit.ly/1srruf6

FUTURE OBSERVATORY: Will oil prices fall to $10 or rebound to $100? (+video) http://trib.al/wVVd1o2

FUTURE OBSERVATORY: Chronicfatigue is real, and women are 2–4x more likely than men to be diagnosed with it. http://go.usa.gov/zA4j

MICROSOFT: Have a burning question about digital marketing, SEO, etc? See if it’s on this list: http://part.ms/4U1BHk

MICROSOFT: Certified in an older version of Windows Server? Earn your MCSA: Windows Server 2012 with just one exam: http://spr.ly/60180i64

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN: Among Trillions of Microbes in the Gut, a Few Are Special http://bit.ly/1LIwbee

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN: Net Neutrality and the Open Internet http://bit.ly/1LIwd5K

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN: Critically Endangered Plant with Brilliant Purple Flowers Discovered in Hawaii http://bit.ly/1LIwcPr

WIRED: How to win at Facebook, according to its strategy guru http://r29.co/17YHEar

POPULAR MECHANICS: Consumer Reports has named its 2015 top automotive picks, and Tesla is still on top http://popme.ch/60140Sv8

MASHABLE: Winners and losers: A breakdown ahead of the net neutrality vote http://on.mash.to/1Dbo97i

BUSINESS INSIDER: Iranian general: We’ve tested a ballistic missile that can destroy aircraft carriers — http://read.bi/1BVS9sn

TED: 4 ways to donate to good causes more effectively: http://t.ted.com/pxgmbDp

BUSINESS INSIDER: Portfolios with penny stocks were three times more likely to lose money in 2014 http://read.bi/1JMK7WU

ZDNET: Only 40 percent of the global population ever connected to the internet: report http://zd.net/1vzJ4mI

FAST COMPANY: How to spot future leaders http://f-st.co/PKQKinp

BUSINESS INSIDER: HP buyout report sends Aruba’s shares skyrocketing http://read.bi/18mhdMV

INC: Rebecca Minkoff’s Store Of The Future Will Blow Your Mind http://bit.ly/1LE11Tw

NATURE: The quest for artificial intelligence starts w Pong & Space Invaders, at Google’s DeepMind lab http://ow.ly/JEseB

MASHABLE: Apple has been ordered to pay half a billion dollars to a company many are describing as a ‘patent troll’ http://on.mash.to/18mfXcE

PWC: PwC shares an integrated framework for moving to the new revenue recognition standard: http://pwc.to/1ztwxwq

THE ECONOMIST: The Milky Way is not as young as it looks. The secret of galactic youth? Eating hydrogen gas clouds, of course http://econ.st/1DKJ6uT

ACCENTURE: Here’s a great read on how #retailers can ‘combine traditional & online shopping to enhance CX’: http://bddy.me/1LEpJDh

FUTURE OBSERVATORY: Accident victims are the first to get mind-controlled bionic hands http://thetim.es/1LDntvU

FORBES: IBM Smarter PlanetVoice: Three ways to build the next-generation of startups with cloud http://onforb.es/17yO5kA

REUTERS: U.S. government says 8.84 million people signed on for 2015 Obamacare plans http://reut.rs/1DWkFLh

FUTURE OBSERVATORY: Y Combinator-Backed Bright Aims To Bring Solar Power To Mexico http://tcrn.ch/1DWkHCW

BUSINESS INSIDER: Russia can’t defeat NATO, but Putin might still try — http://read.bi/1wplZUM

FUTURE OBSERVATORY: International travelers to the U.S. spent a record $222 billion in 2014 http://lat.ms/1DqT4Pv

FUTURE OBSERVATORY: Android for Work is Google’s latest attempt to win over the enterprise: http://on.wsj.com/1Bvem0K

MASHABLE: Motorola’s new Moto E is bigger, faster and has 4G LTE for $150 http://on.mash.to/1vzx0Cb

FUTURE OBSERVATORY: China could stage an IPO next year that would be even bigger than Alibaba: http://on.mktw.net/18ll251

RAND CORPORATION: Some say int’l norms for drones/ UAVs would limit US while doing nothing to constrain others. Our experts weigh in: http://on.rand.org/JvX4r

NEW SCIENTIST: Drug-resistant malaria is on India’s doorstep. If not contained, it could soon threaten Africa http://ow.ly/JErkQ

FUTURE OBSERVATORY: FedEx is refusing to ship a tool that makes untraceable metal gun parts

FUTURE OBSERVATORY: A morning for artificial intelligence, with Demis Hassabis profiled http://bit.ly/1AeiSfE and a warning http://bit.ly/1LI4L88

FUTURE OBSERVATORY: Kickstarter Says Today’s 2-Hour Long Outage Wasn’t Pebble’s Fault http://tcrn.ch/1vzHmSq

FUTURE OBSERVATORY: Why You Won’t Be Able To Buy An Apple Car http://di.gg/1Gw15nb

FUTURE OBSERVATORY: Study examines tweets from disasters, providing key information for emergency managers & their communications teams http://bit.ly/1we3WLx

FUTURE OBSERVATORY: 31% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction… http://tinyurl.com/m3g4l7

MIT: “Open Internet” rules are on the verge of being approved in the U.S., but crucial details remain unclear. http://bit.ly/1DqRmhd

FUTURE OBSERVATORY: Consumers would rather sacrifice other luxuries than lose use of their mobiles: http://on.bcg.com/1Dmwmbl

FUTURE OBSERVATORY: The State of the Future (February 26, 2015 Update!) https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/state-future-february-26-…-agostini–

CAPGEMINI: Cybersecurity: Is your enterprise system protected or vulnerable? http://ow.ly/ITjbJ

DELOITTE UNIVERSITY PRESS: Amplified intelligence. https://lnkd.in/e7stSYa

MIT NEWS: Radio chip for the “Internet of things”. Circuit that reduces power leakage when transmitters are idle could greatly extend battery life. http://goo.gl/l3tLMW

MIT NEWS: How brain waves guide memory formation. Neurons hum at different frequencies to tell the brain which memories it should store. http://goo.gl/dbiaHj

FASTCOEXIST: Meet The Robots That Are Taking Over Japan. At this pace, the country’s robot population is going to outnumber people. http://goo.gl/VbgNrq

ACCENTURE: Follow @AccentureOps for news and insight on all things critical to business operations today. http://bddy.me/1BIls1t

THE VERGE: The worst policies from the war on terror are now in our backyard http://theverge.com/e/7865210

THE ECONOMIST: In the corporate world digital defences are being overwhelmed alarmingly often http://econ.trib.al/HsZUJz0

THE ECONOMIST: The fire that did not cease in Ukraine http://econ.trib.al/MBB07zb

THE ECONOMIST: Record numbers of Americans living abroad are now renouncing their citizenship http://econ.trib.al/7b7g3VQ

AMERICAN MANAGEMENT: 10 Tough Questions Every Self-Aware Leader Needs to Answer—http://ow.ly/JpFZp

CNN: Ice. Snow. Sleet. How the nation is coping with winter’s wrath. http://cnn.it/1DNdrJp

FORTUNE MAGAZINE: Nasdaq nears its dot-com bubble-era record http://for.tn/1DQwMtj

WHARTON SCHOOL: the #economy is coming back, but why wages are stuck in a rut: http://whr.tn/1LAbFKO

INC-COM: 2015 Best in Class Design Awards: Meet the Applicants (Entry Deadline: 3/11/15) http://bit.ly/18i6l2u

BLOOMBERG: “Apple reigns undisputed as the most popular hedge fund stock” http://bloom.bg/1AHPGyz

FORBES: The value of instant messaging platforms in the modern smartphone ecosystem: http://onforb.es/1ApqttU

MARKET WATCH: 4 stock plays that are attracting investor dollars this year: http://on.mktw.net/1LzB735

CIO-COM: Security offers a marketing advantage for ADP http://trib.al/VwFBm9Z

WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM: Are the assumptions about human nature that underpin mainstream economic models wrong? http://wef.ch/1KSFMwS

STRATFOR: Petrobras is enormously significant to the Brazilian economy. It controls more than 90 % of Brazil’s oil production. http://social.stratfor.com/IW0

HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW: If work is starting to take up more of your time, here’s how to help your family adjust http://s.hbr.org/1B8HEAM

FORBES: Researchers have raised concerns about common pain drugs for people who’ve had heart attacks: http://onforb.es/1LAM3NW

THE ECONOMIST: Schumpeter: In the battle for software talent, other industries can learn from Silicon Valley http://econ.st/1vvHGll

THE ATLANTIC: Why light from your smartphone may be causing you to get a worse night sleep http://theatln.tc/1Ba1jjB

HARVARD RESEARCH: Nanometer-sized “drones” could become a new way to prevent heart attacks http://hvrd.me/JzH15

BUSINESS INSIDER: India’s beef traders say they’re being violently attacked by Hindu nationalists http://read.bi/1Aqvz9l

TECHCRUNCH: The 9 largest tech-focused startup funding rounds of the past 2 years http://tcrn.ch/1D8UDyS

WALL STREET JOURNAL: In new study, patients control bionic hands with their thoughts http://on.wsj.com/1agguxj

DELOITTE: Next-generation technologies will usher in a new era of educational opportunities http://deloi.tt/1vIheFu

TED: “Self-control is not a problem in the future. It’s only a problem now when the chocolate is next to us.” http://t.ted.com/lQVe0uL

DIGG: Google And Apple Fight For The Car Dashboard http://di.gg/1DQwVgn

MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW: Five Loopholes That Could Undermine Net Neutrality. “Open Internet” rules are on the verge of being approved in the U.S., but crucial details remain unclear. https://lnkd.in/eegzSwC

FRANCE 24: Russia’s ruble slides on ‘junk’ rating downgrade http://f24.my/1Dn41l4

BROOKINGS: How does your city compare to the fastest growing economies in the U.S.? http://brook.gs/1LAkfcC

FAST COMPANY: How Japan’s Line app became a culture-changing, revenue-generating phenomenon http://f-st.co/IVTsg7K

SAP-COM: Real-time data is now helping people make “real-life healthcare choices” — http://spr.ly/60190mEX

BUSINESS INSIDER: HP CFO indicates more layoffs after it finishes cutting 55,000 people http://read.bi/17w5eeA

STANFORD MEDICINE: Sex biology redefined: Genes don’t indicate binary sexes: http://stan.md/1vx5TaH

THE ECONOMIST: Latin America’s social progress has stopped. What is to be done? http://econ.st/1Ent5dt

5 Cyber Security Predictions for 2015 http://blog.imperva.com/2015/01/security-predictions-for-201…redictions

BBC: Brain-controlled drone shown off by Tekever in Lisbon http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-31584547

FORBES: What Would Orwell and Huxley Think About Big Data? http://www.forbes.com/sites/howardbaldwin/2015/02/22/what-wo…-big-data/

FINANCIAL TIMES: Petrobras downgraded to junk by Moody’s. The corruption investigation into Petrobras and the subsequent liquidity pressures have prompted its first significant downgrade into junk status since the crisis unfolded. http://www.ft.com/fastft/282553/petrobras-downgraded-junk-moodys

MIT NEWS: Inventing “civilization 2.0”. Conference explores how wearables and other technologies are changing how we connect and conduct business. https://newsoffice.mit.edu/2015/infinite-labs-tech-conference-0224

IBM: “z13: The New Possible” http://www-03.ibm.com/systems/data/flash/zsystems/themovie/?…_analytics

MASAHBLE: Police puzzled as multiple drones spotted over Paris landmarks http://on.mash.to/1D7vAwa

TECHCRUNCH: Target.com Undercuts Amazon And Walmart With New Free Shipping Minimums http://techcrunch.com/2015/02/23/target-com-undercuts-amazon…hWRyIW:vmr

ROYAL SOCIETY: Don’t miss The Long Road to the Higgs Boson — and Beyond, with Prof John Ellis on 3 Mar http://ow.ly/JuJvb

FASTCOEXIST: Meet The Robots That Are Taking Over Japan. At this pace, the country’s robot population is going to outnumber people. http://www.fastcoexist.com/3042362/meet-the-robots-that-are-taking-over-japan#8 FASTCOEXIST: Meet The Robots That Are Taking Over Japan. At this pace, the country’s robot population is going to outnumber people. https://lnkd.in/e7tSZjJ

WASHINGTON POST: Here’s how the clash between the NSA Director and a senior Yahoo executive went down. http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/the-switch/wp/2015/02/23…went-down/

PHYS-ORG: NASA satellite sees a warm winter in the Western US http://phys.org/news/2015-02-nasa-satellite-winter-western.html

ACCENTURE: #HigherEducation must make the grade in #digital: 85% high school seniors say innovation is key to their selection. http://bddy.me/1EJVxnL

ZDNET: Oracle updates big data portfolio, aims to be ‘visual face of Hadoop’ http://www.zdnet.com/article/oracle-updates-big-data-portfol…of-hadoop/

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