Jun 21, 2015

What are our rights and duties towards alien life? — Lizzie Wade | AEON

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“The ethics of encountering non-sentient alien life in our solar systems boils down to a core dilemma, says Waller. ‘Is it about conservation and preservation? Or is it about our needs, wants, and desires?’ On Earth, natural-resource grabs have a history of bringing out the worst in us as a species…There’s plenty of reason to believe other planets will be chock-full of resources we’d like to exploit, even if the life forms are microbial – perhaps especially if they’re microbial.” Read more


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  1. Jere Brinkley says:

    I think a very good article and recommended reading. This ethical dilemma will be played many times before we depart our solar system and meet up with our first space faring race. Let us hope that first meeting is one of trade and curiosity; not one of a species with similar destructive tendencies.