Jul 22, 2015

Stephen Hawking aliens theory may be right | Newsday

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Looking for aliens is really, really cool. But more cool would be finding them. And this obviously leads to the question, what if we catch E.T. watching “Guardians of the Galaxy” in a dark corner of our galaxy? What if we’re not alone? The philosophical consequences are worth intense contemplation.

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  1. ted says:

    Wouldn’t you rather find them or have them find us without being prepared. I would like to know if the government is going to shoot at them so I can hide…

  2. Jerome P says:

    First of all, what most people and experts apparently dont realise or think about is the following piece of logical reasoning, and it is simple really:
    The fact that life on Earth exists is sufficient proof that life is possible in the Universe.
    Saying this in a different way, if life in the Universe was NOT possible at all, then life on Earth would not exist at all.
    So, from this simple reasoning you can confidently deduce that if life is possible in the Universe, then the most likely probability is that it will happen more than once in more than one “corner” of the Universe.
    It’s either all or nothing. Either there cannot be life at all, not even once, or there can be life but more than once, in fact many many times throughout the Universe. Even if life needed SPECIAL conditions to happen, no one can confidently tell me that such conditions exist in only one small spot in the entire Universe. Life is a product of whatever Universal laws the Universe is following. If it is not part of the underlying laws of the Universe, it wont exist.
    It seems as if a lot of people have some troubles wrapping their heads around these concepts. But it is just simple logic.