Aug 18, 2015

Using drones to explore space

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Long time ago I was wondering why not to use drones ( (named for that concrete application Extreme Access Flyers) to explore the space, to reach new planets, asteroids … it would be exciting … rovers are limited in action, so what if we make it airborne? Once in space, why not to send a drone or a swarm of them from the main spaceship to explore a new planet? They could interact, share capabilities, morph, etc.

While the economy looks more or less promising for civil and military, there is still a long path to walk …

“Teal Group’s 2015 market study estimates that UAV production will soar from current worldwide UAV production of $4 billion annually to $14 billion, totaling $93 billion in the next ten years. Military UAV research spending would add another $30 billion over the decade.”

Read more at http://www.suasnews.com/2015/08/37903/teal-group-predicts-wo…-forecast/

Now NASA pursues the aim of using drones to overcome the problems of rovers …

Read more at http://www.engadget.com/2015/07/31/space-drones-mars-moon-asteroid/


( Using the word drone as it is more commonly used in society.

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