Sep 5, 2015

Apple patents fuel cell battery for iPhones and Macbooks

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California Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has filed a patent application for a fuel cell system that could power a MacBook or an iPhone “for days or even weeks without refueling”. With batteries dying fast around the world the technology industry hasn’t been able to solve the problem entirely. But now the bitten fruit company has given the first step into what seems to be the cutting edge generation of battery design.

After the U.K based company, Intelligent Energy revealed an iPhone version packed with a prototype hydrogen fuel cell that would last for a week before needing to be charged, rumors began to resonate about close colaboration with Apple to include such technologies in their own products. And as it turns out, the patent presented by Apple in March confirms exactly that. However, this controversial fuel cells will need to be replaced once they have depleted.

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