Sep 3, 2015


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With the standard of a gamified social media, two young adults meet for a date with the expectation of personal fulfillment.

Alex Stanton’s Thesis Project for Full Sail University’s Digital Cinematography Bachelor’s of Science program.

Directed by: Alex Stanton vimeo.com/alexstanton, Brent Howard.
Story by: Pride. St. Clair.
Cinematography by: Josh Russell vimeo.com/joshrussell
Original Music Composed by: Josh Wilson.
Title Design: Chris Koelsch vimeo.com/thisnthat
Starring: Justin Stanton.
Lissy Smith vimeo.com/user9221474
Dylan Stretchbery vimeo.com/user27301393
Daniel Lee Robertson III

Additional Music:
“CRUZIN” by Benedek.

“Waves” by Happy Elf.

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