Sep 4, 2015

New General Relativity Area law theory suggests time runs backward inside a blackhole

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Black holes are known to have many strange properties, such as that they allow nothing—not even light—to escape after falling in. A lesser known but equally bizarre property is that black holes appear to “know” what happens in the future in order to form in the first place. However, this strange property arises from the way in which black holes are defined, which has motivated some physicists to explore alternative definitions.

They reported a new area law in general relativity that is based on an interpretation of black holes as curved geometric objects called “holographic screens.”

“The so-called teleology of the black hole event horizon is an artifact of the way in which physicists define an event horizon: the event horizon is defined with respect to infinite future elapsed time, so by definition it ‘knows’ about the entire fate of the universe,” Engelhardt told Phys.org. “In general relativity, the black hole event horizon cannot be observed by any physical observer in finite time, and there isn’t a sense in which the black hole as an entity knows about future infinity. It is simply a convenient way of describing black holes.”

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  1. The black hole/white hole theories are dealing with singularity effects in relativistic spacetime. They are physical objects at the bulk-brane interface due tot their extremely dense gravitational pull. This hypothesis was predicted by Einstein in his GTR/STR and has been demonstrated to build the theory for relativity of photonic wavelengths as a cosmic metric, and M-theory for the Inflationary theory of Universe. Novikov, Bekenstein, Bousso and others have advanced the metrics of quantum gravitation of large scale systems to the present time.

  2. Jerome P. says:

    Of course, assuming that relativity theory is correct at all, which it has not been proven to be beyond any doubt. Instead, scientists continue to BELIEVE that relativity is an accurate reflection of our physical Universe and continue to create new theories on top of this as yet UNPROVEN relativity theory, and its formulas.
    But, keep at it without considering other non-relativity theories, because that’s true science isn’t it…