Oct 24, 2015

Tears Of Steel Cyberpunk Action Scifi HD 3D Animation Short Film 1080P FullHD Español English

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Directed by Ian Hubert.
Produced by Ton Roosendaal.
Written by Ian Hubert.
Starring Derek de Lint,
Sergio Hasselbaink,
Rogier Schippers,
Vanja Rukavina,
Denise Rebergen,
Jody Bhe,
Chris Haley.
Music by Joram Letwory.
Cinematography Joris Kerbosch.
Distributed by Blender Foundation.
Release date(s) September 26th, 2012.
Running time 12 minutes 14 seconds.
Country Netherlands.
Language English.

Cyberpunk action short film with many aesthetic influences like matrix, classic roleplaying games like shadowrun, battle angel alita ( gunnm) and more.

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