Dec 17, 2015

Microsoft’s Latest HoloLens Is Here, and It’s Amazing

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Of all the recent advances in computing and consumer technology, This is BY FAR the one I’m most fascinated! Amazing tech.

The HoloLens headset from Microsoft is the world’s first untethered wearable that generates holograms before your eyes. It’s been nearly a year since we first strapped on a prototype, and as the tech goliath prepares to unleash a first batch of units to developers in the coming months, I was invited to check out just how far the technology has come.

Starting today, Microsoft’s letting developers flock to their flagship store in New York City to try out the same demos I did a few days ago. I should be clear: I tried a version of the headset that’s very similar to what will ultimately ship—for $3000!—but as always, no gadget is final until you’re pulling it out of the box.

First, a little bit about how it works. With the HoloLens, the “cursor” is your eyes. You look around a real room you’re in and select holographic images that appear in your goggles by hovering the cursor in the middle of your field of vision over the object. To interact with the object, you “air tap.” In front of the goggles by pointing your index finger in the air and making a fast swipe down motion. Voice commands are also at your disposal.

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