Dec 2, 2015

PROTO — Sci-Fi Short Film (Full Length)

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A little bit of smile inducing, starry eyed optimism to balance out the post-apocalyptic horror-show version of the Singularity depicted in the other shot film I posted.

‘PROTO’ is a short film, produced by Eye Candy Film as an international co-production between Screen South based in the UK and Film Fyn based in Denmark.

The film was shot in August 2011 at Robocluster in Denmark, a genuine working robotics lab. It was completed in June 2012 and will premiere later this year.

CGI was completed by VERL, Dundee. Additional CG was provided by James Kearsley http://www.jkstudios.tv/

DIRECTOR, WRITER: Nicholas Pittom
PRODUCER: Richard Georg Engström

‘PROTO’ is a sci-fi action adventure, about a child-like, experimental robot, set in the robotics lab where he has been built. Although PROTO has been made to fulfil the ambitions of his creator, Prof. Andrews, he learns to find his own dreams and ambitions, and also the strength needed to realise them.

The main theme of the film is freedom, both literal and in the ability to choose one’s own destiny – to break free of expectations. We wish for the film, while an exciting and fun science fiction, to also capture a magical sense of wonder. PROTO will overcome the expectations and restrictions placed on him and discovering his true self.

Full Cast and Crew:
IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2436764/

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  1. Daniel Lewis says:

    What a lovely short film with a wonderful story line, and beautiful 3D rendering of robotics. It provides some hope.