Jan 22, 2016

Fighter Jets Are Seen ‘Chasing A UFO’ — But They Don’t Shoot

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It’s not a fighter jet, it’s a Warthog (A-10), obviously.

Assuming this footage is real, that probably means it’s some kind of experimental ground attack drone. Also, I’ve read that there have been a few warthogs converted into drones themselves, so maybe it’s some sort of drone integration trials or something.

Or it’s aliens.


Excited UFO hunters claim to have spotted fighter jets chasing an ‘alien ship’ — but then deciding not to shoot.

Naturally, the seasoned alien-spotters at UFO Sightings Daily claim this is proof that Earth’s military know not to mess with alien craft.

The incident, at Nova Zagora in Bulgaria, was shared by local site Portal12 — and shows a series of stills captured over the villages of Gaz and Zagortci.

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