Jan 22, 2016

London startup ‘Babylon’ thinks its AI doctor could predict your future health

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Welcome to a new age of AI Healthcare
Although we’re in the early release/ deployment stages of the AI doctor experience and compound that with a 10 year evolution of technology and health science being intertwined together as one/ Singularity; could we see a day soon when technology and engineering graduates having their own education include medical school? Definitely could be as we move more into a singularity future and as the many of the routine patient services evolve to AI and Robotics.

Granted, companies hire today doctors and nurses, etc. to consult their engineers and techies; however, Singularity and as we evolve to it, will require engineers and techies to have their own level of a in-depth medical background/ knowledge due to it’s complexity. Now, imagine the change and transformation that will be required across our educational system as well in order for us to be prepared for this new future.

London-based digital healthcare startup, Babylon is an artificially intelligent ‘doctor’ that aims to prevent illnesses before they occur. To do this, the program tracks your daily habits, diagnosis illness based on symptoms and integrating data about heart rate, diet and medical records.

Currently, this AI doctor is available in the form of an app used by 250,000 people in the UK, who each pay £4.99 ($7.19) to get 7-day-a-week access to a pool of human doctors over video chat.

After securing $25 million in funding — the largest series A round in European digital healthcare to date — Babylon hopes to make waves in digital healthcare in the UK by providing better preventative services. For example, the digital doctor can warn you about an increased heart rate, which could be a sign of an oncoming cold.

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