Jan 10, 2016

Scientists test a device that could produce, detect, control gravitational field

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At present, scientists study gravitational fields passively. They observe and try to understand existing gravitational fields produced by large inertial masses, such as stars or Earth, without being able to change them as is done, for example, with magnetic fields.

This led Andre Fuzfa from Namur University in Belgium to attempt a revolutionary approach — creating gravitational fields at will from well-controlled magnetic fields and observing how these magnetic fields could bend space-time.

In his study, Fuzfa has proposed, with supporting mathematical proof, a device with which to create detectable gravitational fields.

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  1. Jerome says:

    This is great news. I like his thinking. And making a link between gravity and magnetism is excellent, because these two are probably much closely linked than we previously thought…
    The only problem is, that scientists are too quick to believe relativity theory and therefore think that bending of space-time is possible. No, it is not possible and will never be. This is pseudo-science, not a reflection of actual reality. Otherwise, brilliant out of the box thinking.