Jan 24, 2016

These 4 Cosmic Phenomena Travel Faster Than The Speed Of Light

Posted by in categories: quantum physics, space travel

Dreaming of wormholes: Kaku said “The only feasible way to break the light barriers is through general relativity and warping of space-time”. We call this warping as wormholes, theoretically, these allow something to break the cosmic speed limit by travelling huge distance in a short time. These wormholes have some exotic matter, holding them open. This exotic matter has been made in laboratories but in a small quantity. In 1988, Kip Thorne proposed a theory of Stable Wormholes to find out the possibility of a wormhole in the presence of that exotic matter (like the one in Interstellar Movie). Thorne says “After 30 years, the answer is still unknown and we are still away from the final answer.”

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