Feb 21, 2016

China’s newest tech can offer quantum of security

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Very concerning news for the US security; we’ll see how the US responds. Remember, our largest hackers in the US is China; so we’ll need to determine what this means as well as how vulnerable we are.


China’s stock markets have been stabilizing in recent days after the rollercoaster ride at the start of the year. And one bright point has been stocks related to quantum communications, showing renewed investor interest in the new technology, which will play an important role in creating a safety net for the increasingly information technology-savvy economy.

The fact that China has taken an early lead in developing the technology and translating it into real-world quantum communications projects should give added fuel to the market hype about the apparently unfathomable yet promising investment theme.

Thus far, the practical application of the technology has mostly featured quantum key distribution, which uses tricks of quantum mechanics to enable encryption codes or keys shared between two parties that are written upon single photons of light. If an eavesdropper tries to hack the codes, they will immediately be detected because of having caused disturbance to the encoding of the photon.

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